Blood and Ink; Both Thicker Than Water

This morning, I read an interesting article on the Kansas City Star. The article was about the Ephron family, a family who has seen writing success in the mother and father, Henry and Phoebe, playwrights, three daughters, Nora, Delia, and Amy (authors of Julia and JuliaFrannie in Pieces, and One Sunday Morning) and now the last daughter, Hallie, who is coming out with her new mystery, Come and Find Me . You can view the article here:

After reading, I began thinking about the gift of telling a good story through writing and if it could be something like a mere gene that is passed down from parents to children. The article describes Hallie, trying two other teaching jobs before deciding to enter the writing business with the rest of her family. And even then, she had already written four non-fiction books and a number of other fiction titles under a different name. Why I wonder? How is it that an entire family of writers can reach such critical acclaim for their works all in their own way?

It’s an intriguing idea. Writing is one of those things that can be taught, but that the writer has to morph their work into something for themselves. It has to be shaped by that one person’s perception, it needs to be brought to life by their own mind and through their own style… Style can be studied, I suppose, same as any other writing technique. But making the style and the piece of writing yours is a truly personal thing. And so I ask again, was this a writer’s gift gene that passed down through the family? If not then, what was it?

I’ve always believed in the idea of a creative gene of some kind being passed from older generations to new ones. My own dad is an artist, a painter and metal sculptor. I’ve tried to draw and paint but it never clicked with me. I turned to writing at a young age and have always stuck with it. My mom is crafty, loves to create, whether it be through sewing, re-upholstering furniture, or cooking. She’s always found a way to be creative. When in school, my brother loved to make movies and then edit them, adding titles, credits, and music… The creative gene has always been present in my family but it has taken different forms in everybody.

And so I ask again. How does a family entirely comprised of writers manage to make such a name for themselves in the writers world? Discussion is inevitable.

Good morning and happy writing,



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