Gearing Up For Borders!

Hey everyone,

So being a first-time self-publishing author, I was amazed when I found out that I was asked to come down to the South Portland Border’s Bookstore for a Dark Fiction Book Signing with one of my fellow authors from Maine Author’s Publishing. It was an incredible feeling (and still is). A great opportunity to get my work out there and get a little more attention. Living on the Midcoast is wonderful, but it really isn’t an easy place to gain exposure for literary achievements. Portland, however, is a BIG step. Portland is a very artsy city and has a reputation in Maine for housing an assortment of museums, art galleries, and local venues where one can jam with a band or set up a poetry slam. It’s an awesome place and I’m going to have my chance in the limelight. I’m pretty stoked.

I’m nervous too. But having a background in sales, I’m also fairly confident that I can sell my book to customers. It just won’t be in an environment that I’m familiar with.

The thing about selling my book to people is that I don’t really know what to say. The first thing that always gets me is “Gee, well, it’s a vampire book.” Usually, that’s where I lose some people. “Oh, great! Another vampire book? Why?” And even if I try to put my two cents in as to why it’s different from all the others, in my mind, I’ve already lost that customer.

So I take a different approach. What are some of the highlights of my book? Well, there is a constant search for information about a series of murders. There is an autopsy scene. The main character almost acts like a CSI. So… I love to pinpoint the fact that my book is like CSI… with vampires as the investigators. It’s a twist on something that has been driving the book industry for the last few years. Then, there is the opera theme. The story plays out as though it is an opera, following the lives of three tragic characters as they battle their way through their past and present demons to reach a promising future. Oh and of course there’s the whole subplot concerning time-travel. What was that? Oh, yes, you read correctly. Time-travel.

Interesting! Tell me more. And you have them hooked. The hook is a major part of reeling in a customer. When the customer asks what your book is about, you’ve got to give them a once sentence answer, something that you know is going to intrigue them to read more. And what’s more is it needs to be something that you can spin on any age demographic. Don’t think the older generation will be interested? Perhaps they would be if they knew there is an opera subplot? Don’t think the young adults will like it? (Technically, it’s an adult fiction anyway… but…) Might want to mention the gunfights and car chases. Don’t think the teenage girls like so much violence? Well, throw in the possibility of long-lost love and eternal romance and sure, they’ll change their minds.

I make these lists for myself so that no matter what possibility I run into, I’ll have something to bounce back with. I want to be on my toes for this thing. I don’t want to be blindsided by anything. I probably will be though. It is, after all, my first official book signing. 🙂

Well, it’s about time for me to crack the whip and start writing deep into the night.

Good evening and happy writing,


P.S. For those of you in the Portland area or any Maine area, this book signing is taking place on May 27th at 5 pm at the South Portland Borders, across from the Maine Mall. Please stop by and say hi, and maybe pick  up a signed copy of my book! 🙂


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