This is Halloween! Facebook Promo Details!

Good morning everyone,

I’m happy to announce that I have (finally) finished writing the content for Book 2. As of yesterday the book is 28 chapters long at 310 pages. The epilogue ends exactly the way that I’d imagined it would and I’m very satisfied with how it reads. Now onto the tricky part: editing and revising the sucker, ha ha. I’m going to take the next two months to really put a shine and polish on this before I begin the whole self-publishing process. That includes making sure that the overall story is consistent, most (if not all) questions are answered, and everything makes sense. This all came at a perfect time as well because it’s almost Halloween!

This year I plan to run a special promotional, starting October  28th and ending on Halloween at midnight. It’s quite simple:


1.) Go to Katherine Silva – Author on Facebook.

2.) Become a Fan by clicking the “Like” button on the top of the page (You need a Facebook account to do this)

3.) If you are already a fan of the page, suggest the page to your friends!

4.) The 125, 150th, 175th and (dare I hope) 200th fan will receive free copies of “Vox: Book 1 of the Monstrum Chronicles”. The person that suggested you to the page (if applicable) will receive a free book (if they don’t have one already) and have their name used in “Memento Mori: Book 3 of the Monstrum Chronicles.”

5.) This is a weekend promotional starting at midnight on Friday October 28th. It will end at midnight on Monday October 31st.

6.) At the end of the promotional, I will message you asking for the name of the person who suggested the page to you as well as to get your address to ship a book to you.

7.) All I ask is for you to be fair, ie: don’t unlike and re-like the page, etc.

8.) Good luck!

Be sure to tune in to the fan page and the blog later this week for more news and for more Halloween-y things!

Until then, good morning and happy writing!


One thought on “This is Halloween! Facebook Promo Details!

  1. Ha! Whoops. The promo up above says it begins October 28th. It should have said October 27th. Sorry for the confusion, everyone!

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