Remembering ‘Midnight Farm’

Good evening, readers!

A couple of nights ago, I was listening to some lovely music on my Rachel’s station on Pandora. Rachel’s is a little known instrumental band. I’ll detail them more in tomorrow’s Inspiration Through Music post…

As I sat listening to them, I let my mind wander and found myself imagining a farm at night. A blue blanket of darkness basked the quiet world and the animals were fast asleep in it. I always imagine for some reason that I’m standing in my kitchen in the darkness of this farmhouse, staring out my backdoor at the tall grass in the field, which gently sways in a light breeze. The moon is full and highlights a stretch of land that rises up into hills before fading into clusters of trees.

The kitchen I’m standing in isn’t the one I have now, nor is it the one I had growing up. It’s the kitchen of my dream house. The walls are painted navy blue. Old antique furnishings are placed around the room, and small red and yellow accents can be picked out here and there. It’s large and homey and smells of a recently cooked potroast or a warm sugary dessert. I can see myself perhaps twenty years from now living in this old farmhouse on a tranquil country road in Maine and sigh with anticipation for it.

Then the song is over and I open my eyes.

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