Hurricane: Inspiration Through Music

Good afternoon, readers.

On this week’s Inspiration Through Music song, I’ll be focusing on one particular song that heavily inspired one project of mine. This untitled project (from now on called U.P.) is on the back burner while I finish The Monstrum Chronicles. I usually like to work on many different projects all at once. But the U.P. is a big idea with many characters and many plot threads. The Monstrum Chronicles is similarly complex and a longer series. I can’t focus on both at once so alas, this will have to wait.

30 Seconds to Mars released an utterly beautiful song a few years ago in 2009 entitled, “Hurricane.” While the lyrics are powerful and dig straight to the heart, the main controversy over this song was attributed to the music video that Jared Leto released for it. The video doesn’t have anything to do with the inspiration that I drew from the song so I won’t be discussing it.

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