The Monstrum Chronicles Cast… I Wish

Good evening, readers!

A while back, I promised to write a post showing you a few of the choice actors I would pick for some of the main characters in The Monstrum Chronicles series. Everyone will imagine a different person filling the characters shoes, but to me, these are the people who I envision every time I write their characters. This is meant to be a short, fun post. I’ve honestly been so crazy busy this past week I haven’t been able to blog much. And that makes me a silly goose. Once I get passed this week, I’ll be able to focus a little bit more on things and I’m excited for that! But… back to the casting of the Monstrum Chronicles…

#1: Torrent

David Tennant

 For those of you who have seen past seasons of the BBC’s “Doctor Who,” you will understand entirely. David Tennant’s portrayal of the 1oth incarnation of the Doctor is stunning. His versatility with emotional reactions, witty dialogue, that overall curiosity and goofiness are all things that Torrent has. Torrent is a dark individual but he knows how to have fun as well. I’d highly recommend watching a few episodes of “Doctor Who” if you haven’t seen the newer series (particularly series 3, as I find, it is one of the darkest).

#2: Eileen Del-Bosque

Rose Byrne

Eileen’s character requires an actress who can show emotional delicacy but also a quiet, inner strength. Rose Byrne’s portrayal of Ellen Parsons in FX’s “Damages” is one of the main reasons I see her so well in that role. Eileen is really a composite character of many people, thoughts, and experiences. That’s why she is so special as a character in the series.

#3: Sean Bloor

Alan Tudyk

One of Sean’s strengths is his humor as his defense mechanism. He’s sarcastic but also has a loving devotion that drives his search for girlfriend, Jill, through the book. Alan Tudyk is one of those rare actors who balances that kind of performance well. I’ve seen several comedic and dramatic roles of his, from ‘Firefly’ to ‘Death at a Funeral’ and ‘Dollhouse.’ The man is exceptional. And so is the character.

#4: Reid Ainsley

I’ve changed Reid’s inspiration three times now (Patrick Wilson, Aaron Staton…). But seriously, now. Dan Stevens is Reid. Having watched Downton Abbey, I find the similarities between Reid and Matthew Crawley astounding. Plus, Stevens completely looks the part, doesn’t he? All pale and vampirey! Reid is burdened by responsibility and things he can’t outrun that are catching up with him. He tries to be modest, fair, and honest but it doesn’t always work out in his favor. Despite this, he is one of the most fun characters to write.

In light of the fact that certain characters haven’t been properly introduced yet and to avoid any spoilers, I’ll list the remaining main characters below:

Whit Hayward: Nicholas Brendon

Harper: Jack Davenport

Savaric: Gabriel Byrne

Scissor: Denzel Washington

Vinh: Johnny Tri Nguyen

And there you have it! Granted, I’ve definitely cut some characters out, but I’m focusing on the main ones. And yes, I didn’t mention any other female characters besides Eileen… which is kind of strange. There are other main female characters in The Monstrum Chronicles, I just don’t readily associate them with actresses.

Coming up tomorrow is the weekly Cooking Adventures blog. I’ll be attempting to make homemade sausage and green pepper pizza! It’s been over ten years since I’ve made pizza. I usually get it frozen or ordered out because I just don’t have any time! But I’m looking forward to it tomorrow. Here’s hoping it doesn’t follow in the pattern of my previous cooking adventures…

If you’ve read “Vox,” who did you envision when you read about the characters? Please feel free to comment. I’d love to know!



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