Aequitas Edits ARE DONE!!!

A quickie post seeing as how it’s 10:30 and I’ve been on the computer for the last 16 hours. My eyes are exhausted but glory is the topic. My edits for book 2 are finished.

Now, I get to print out the enormous 331 page book, and give it to my mom, who will read it and ensure that I didn’t miss any critical things. I know I have. I’ve gone back and looked at it and have seen things. Plus when you edit in different moods, you notice different things, too. I need a break from it though, and its nice to have a fresh pair of eyes look it over. When she’s finished, I’ll go through her notes, and make the adjustments. Then, I’ll publish the sucker!! HAHAHA!

Now that I’m laughing like crazy, I’m going to do the dishes from my chicken egg drop soup frolic and go to bed.

Have a good night, all!


Malevolent Chicken Stock Creatures

COOKING ADVENTURES # 10: Chicken Egg Drop Soup

Before I get started on all things chicken, egg, and soup, I have a link for you all. Please do me the favor of clicking on this link. It will open up in a different tab and you will be ushered into what I’ve found is my ideal music for this particular cooking adventure. Enjoy it!

Today’s cooking adventure doesn’t really deserve to be called a cooking “adventure”. No, this was more of a cooking frolic. Frolics aren’t as dazzling and exciting. They are usually done in familiar places and don’t necessarily take as much time. They’re not dangerous or life-threatening. In fact, they sound like something you would do on a Sunday afternoon just before a picnic. But, on some occasions, even the most innocent frolic can hold a surprise.

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