Inspiration Through Music: Nina Simone

Everyone needs a favorite musician who can get their energy going no matter what time of day. This person’s songs are always like a live wire, buzzing with electricity and excitement. You just can’t sit still when you hear one of those songs and hear their voice belting out. Well, folks, this is Nina Simone for me. One of the most amazing vocalists I have ever heard, Simone has a unique style to her music and her voice is so signature, some songs will never have the same feeling to them if sung by someone else.

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Slacking like a BOSS!

Good afternoon, readers!

Ugh. Last week was a long one. Because I had to work a day I don’t normally work, my schedule has been off. I haven’t had time to get much done it seems like. And I realize that I didn’t post my “Saturday Shout-out” this week. I was actually on a photo-shoot adventure with a couple of friends in which I did find a photo for my third book. So, technically, I was doing work yesterday…

This week, I should have some time to get back into my usual groove and get some things done. As always, I’ll have my Inspiration Through Music post tomorrow and my Cooking Adventures Blog on Thursday. I’m also going to try and swing a special Cooking Co-op Adventure with a friend which should be quite interesting. And, I will have a Shout-Out for next Saturday.

At present, I’m working on content for book 3. I’m in chapter 3 and steadily moving forward. Hopefully, I’ll power through most of the book within the next couple weeks. (I say that… we’ll see how I stick to it.)

Also, in May, “Vox” will be entering Amazon’s KDP program. That means that it will be available exclusively on Amazon and not on any other e-book format. I’m also going to be running a special spring promotion for the series! I haven’t sat down to work out the details for it yet, but, just know it’s in the plans! I also intend to meet with a couple of the libraries in the area to coordinate something for Halloween. These kinds of things have to be worked out months ahead in order to ensure the space is available.

And in other newsy news… My work schedule will be changing soon to include Thursdays. This will undoubtedly affect when I post certain blog categories, namely “Cooking Adventures”. I’d like to figure out someway of keeping them on Thursdays because that seems to be the highest traffic day for people to view them. I’ll keep thinking on it.

Book 2 is still being edited. I forget how much of a timely process this is so my plans to have it ready by spring might not be accurate. At this point, I’m going to retract my release date for it and when I have a better idea of when it will be ready, I’ll post it. In the mean time, I’m looking to get a few short stories published on Kindle this summer that have to do with the Monstrum Chronicles. The characters in each short story feature in Book 2 and are part of the continuity for it. I’ll of course keep you all informed on that!

Well, I suppose I’d better get back to writing. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and an even better week!


Operation: Skinless Chicken

COOKING ADVENTURE #17: Slow-Cooker Chicken Tikka Marsala

And I thought that the Midnight Frittata Train was going to be the nastiest cooking adventure for April… Boy was I wrong! I suppose it really pays to make sure that you write down absolutely every requirement for all of the recipe’s ingredients when you go shopping. For instance, write down 15 oz of crushed tomatoes in a can so that when you get to the canned vegetable aisle and browse the tomatoes, you don’t have a seizure when you see how many freaking kinds there are to pick from. Also, especially with meat people, write down “boneless, skinless chicken thighs” because when you get to the chicken section of the grocery store and you don’t know what to get, you might as well just lay down and give in. They’ve got absolutely every single part of the chicken for sale there with your choice of boneless, skinless, tasteless… Well, it all comes down to this, folks. I wasn’t specific enough in my chicken selection. And it cost me…

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Inspiration Through Music: Jaws Soundtrack

Though most recognize Jaws as a terrifying film made by the exceptional Steven Spielberg in 1975, it was first a novel written by Peter Benchley. This man could write! He pinpointed a story that hadn’t been utilized by anyone else at the time, recognized the terror imminent in it, and wrote it wonderfully. The premise: what happens when a shark comes to the town/city you call home and doesn’t go away?

When the book was turned into a motion picture, one of the greatest successes was John Williams score for the film. Out of it, he created one of the most signature pieces of horror music ever using just two notes. The theme from this movie is something that still induces heart-pounding fear, even to those who haven’t seen the film! Along with the shark’s theme, there are several other haunting tracks and adventurous themes reminiscent of old pirate movies (which is where Williams drew his inspiration from.)

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Shout-Out Saturday: Meg Rice Wilson

Good evening on this warm, wet Saturday from Maine!

Today’s shout-out goes to a fellow Maine author, Meg Rice Wilson. Last year, she published the e-book, Crappy New Year. The story is about Tess, a teenage girl who is dealing with the prospect of her mother remarrying. This is a beautiful book and I don’t say that lightly. It is a funny, poignant, heartbreaking look into the life of a young woman whose entire life is changing. I will admit that I cried about 1/6 of the way into the book. Wilson’s humorous prose is refreshing and breathes new life into an often misunderstood topic.

This story was at one point #12 on Amazon’s humor category in E-books. Oh, and did I mention that it’s downloadable for free today? Take advantage of this sweet offer while you can!

Her second upcoming book, Mourning Dove, is a contender for the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel award. She’s in the semi-finals now. Knowing how accomplished her writing is from having read Crappy New Year, I’m certain she’s going to be a tough opponent to beat for this award. My fingers are crossed for you, Meg!

You can find her novel Crappy New Year here and visit her website here.


Frozen Banana-fanna Fo-fanna

COOKING ADVENTURE #16: Chilled Drinks and Triple Berry Muffins


I’m very pleased to say that I didn’t mess up this Cooking Adventure. There were a couple of points where I had a little trouble but everything came out tasting delicious and looking scrumptious! I guess that’s what you get when you deal with frozen drinks though. There’s really not too much that one can do wrong with something like that. And the muffins? Well, I’ve got to say, there was tiny bit of guesswork there and it paid off! It’s like I snatched them right off of Martha Stewart’s windowsill or something. (Okay, that’s over the top. But whatever. I had a success. I deserve some right to gloat about it, don’t I?)

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Inspiration Through Music: Cry of Fear Soundtrack

Cry of Fear is a custom full-conversion modification for the video game Half Life 1. (I honest to God tried to explain this better in a paragraph but… I just confused myself. If you’re really curious, click this link.) The mod was created by Team Psykskallar. The story is about of a deeply depressed individual named Simon who awakens in a dark alleyway after being hit by a car. He spends the game trying to get home and evades several monsters whom have appeared on his journey. The game is very psychological and the character spends several moments of the game wondering if he’s gone insane. It was the music in this mod however, that truly had me engrossed.

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Shout-Out Saturday: Colliding With The Earth

Good morning, readers!

I’m now beginning another weekly post, “Shout-Out Saturday.” The premise is to select one person who I believe deserves to be recognized for the amazing writing, blogging, photography, or even the amount of crazy work they’ve done! I liked being able to post a few weeks ago about some people who have deserved some recognition for what they’ve done. I’d like to continue to do this though. There are many more people who didn’t get mentioned in that post.

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Pomegranate Molasses (My Ass-is…)

COOKING ADVENTURE # 15: Shashlyk With Pomegranate Molasses

Yeah, so I’m just going to put it out there for everyone. This cooking adventure really frustrated me. I mean, it REALLY, REALLY frustrated me. Everything turned out alright in the end, but the instructions and the ingredients for this thing were absolutely wrong or not specific enough. I mean, I expected this traditional Georgian recipe of the Caucasus Mountain region to be a bit difficult. And it certainly would have been easier if I’d actually been in possession of some skewers… because that’s the whole idea of Shashlyk. It’s like a shishkabob. But I didn’t have those. What was the closest thing that I could find? Chopsticks. Oh, just wait. There’s more.

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Inspiration Through Music: KT Tunstall

Every once in a while, a story and a musical artist will be so perfect for one another that it almost seems as though they were destined to be together. That is the story with KT Tunstall’s music and my upcoming novella Night Time, Dotted Line. I consider Tunstall’s music to be some of the best road music I’ve ever listened to. I discovered KT Tunstall on an after-highschool graduation trip to New York at a Starbucks in New Paltz. From then on, I’ve thought of an open window, blue skies, and green forests, and coffee… of course, every time I’ve listened to her music. Her songs have intelligent lyrics and catchy beats and are refreshing in the midst of allot of traditionally obnoxious pop. (Okay, okay. I like some of that stuff, too, I admit. But I like Tunstall better.)

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