Slacking like a BOSS!

Good afternoon, readers!

Ugh. Last week was a long one. Because I had to work a day I don’t normally work, my schedule has been off. I haven’t had time to get much done it seems like. And I realize that I didn’t post my “Saturday Shout-out” this week. I was actually on a photo-shoot adventure with a couple of friends in which I did find a photo for my third book. So, technically, I was doing work yesterday…

This week, I should have some time to get back into my usual groove and get some things done. As always, I’ll have my Inspiration Through Music post tomorrow and my Cooking Adventures Blog on Thursday. I’m also going to try and swing a special Cooking Co-op Adventure with a friend which should be quite interesting. And, I will have a Shout-Out for next Saturday.

At present, I’m working on content for book 3. I’m in chapter 3 and steadily moving forward. Hopefully, I’ll power through most of the book within the next couple weeks. (I say that… we’ll see how I stick to it.)

Also, in May, “Vox” will be entering Amazon’s KDP program. That means that it will be available exclusively on Amazon and not on any other e-book format. I’m also going to be running a special spring promotion for the series! I haven’t sat down to work out the details for it yet, but, just know it’s in the plans! I also intend to meet with a couple of the libraries in the area to coordinate something for Halloween. These kinds of things have to be worked out months ahead in order to ensure the space is available.

And in other newsy news… My work schedule will be changing soon to include Thursdays. This will undoubtedly affect when I post certain blog categories, namely “Cooking Adventures”. I’d like to figure out someway of keeping them on Thursdays because that seems to be the highest traffic day for people to view them. I’ll keep thinking on it.

Book 2 is still being edited. I forget how much of a timely process this is so my plans to have it ready by spring might not be accurate. At this point, I’m going to retract my release date for it and when I have a better idea of when it will be ready, I’ll post it. In the mean time, I’m looking to get a few short stories published on Kindle this summer that have to do with the Monstrum Chronicles. The characters in each short story feature in Book 2 and are part of the continuity for it. I’ll of course keep you all informed on that!

Well, I suppose I’d better get back to writing. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and an even better week!