Spring Promo Update!

Good evening, readers!

In the span of just a day, the tide has shifted tremendously on my book. The book was in 700,000th place when I went to bed last night. That’s pretty bad.

It’s been about 24 hours since then. “Vox” is now in 53rd place on the Kindle Action & Adventure bestseller list and in 1,323 place overall in the Kindle Store! Wowza! I’m so floored! It just goes to show you, sometimes putting something out for free, even if it’s temporary really is a good choice after all!

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded a copy today! You’re awesome! 

Now, if only I could just get my allergies to give me a break…

One more day on the free promo! I’m excited to see what happens tomorrow!


Vox Spring Promo!

Good morning, readers!

Today and tomorrow, May 19th and 20th, my first novel “Vox: Book 1 of the Monstrum Chronicles” is available for free on Amazon Kindle! Now is your chance to join in on this exhilarating new vampire series. “Vox” is a supernatural horror novel, with a detective lit feel, and thriller influences. Readers of Dan Brown, Michael Crichton, and Agatha Christie should definitely check out this book! The readers will follow three different protagonists who slowly sink into a world where everyone they meet is a monster in disguise.

Here is the official book synopsis!

Torrent is a lilitu, a race of creatures on which vampire myths are based. Cocky and defiant, he’s on a hunt to alter the space-time continuum to change his fate, all the while, trying to outrun his sire who seeks to destroy him. 

Eileen is an Opera-soprano, returning home after seven months in a mental institution following the death of her husband. Secluded in a country estate, she soon realizes she isn t alone. 

Sean hears strange voices. In a desperate effort to save his life, he must discover what they are trying to tell him and why a shadowy corporation values his unusual gift. 

As all of their paths interweave with twists of betrayal, sacrifice, and murder, each character will have to come to terms with what they are and what it truly means to live.

Here are a few things people have said about “Vox”

“New teeth for the vampire genre”

“Fast-paced and full of suspense”

“True-to-death characters”

“Page turner from beginning to end”

“Pulse-pounding debut”

Have a look at the book teaser trailer!

Interested? Click here to get your free copy of “Vox” today!

Already have a copy? Give it a review on Amazon. Spread the word and tell your friends! This spring promo lasts for two days! Make sure they don’t miss out.