Inspiration Through Music: Norah Jones

The romantic in me comes out whenever I hear Norah Jones. Granted, I’m not much of a romance writer. But every now and again, even I like to write a little something sweet and beautiful such as two people coming together in love. In fact, I have a romance novella that I’m working on right now, which is inspired by a couple of different pieces of music I’ve listened to recently (Dear Esther soundtrack and Dvorak, for starters). But, back to Norah Jones.

I’ve been a fan of hers ever since her first album ‘Come Away With Me’ came out in 2002. I’ve been collecting her albums ever since. I just in fact downloaded her newest album “Little Broken Hearts” a couple days ago. I’m always surprised by how she can change her music style but still make the hairs on my arms stand with her emotion and wonderful voice. Today, I’ll be sharing 7 songs of hers that have inspired me in my writing with you.

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How Wicked I Am! Wicked and Crazy!


I’m a wicked, wicked woman. I didn’t post my Inspiration Through Music blog yesterday. And frankly, it wouldn’t have been possible. I was away until about one o’clock (and nowhere near a computer) and then I was out of the house again until ten o’clock last night. It was Memorial Day and I had other plans. And because of my work schedule, it’s more difficult for me to get things done. 

Have no fear. I’ll be posting my Inspiration Through Music blog tonight.

In addition to tackling that, I’m going to be embarking on an epic writing quest this week which will hopefully see me finish a few long-standing projects. The last couple weeks I’ve been working so hard, I just haven’t had time to write. I’m going to make up for that by trying to finish (or at least getting close to finishing) certain writing projects. Two short stories (both within the Monstrum Chronicles universe, one that is absolutely paramount to the story in book 2), two novellas (Night Time, Dotted Line and a new romance one I started the other day), and getting at least half way through Memento Mori: Book 3 of the Monstrum Chronicles. It’s an ambitious goal to say the least but honestly, it’s not okay that I haven’t written anything in the last two weeks. I’ve got to get myself back on a set schedule. And sometimes, giving myself a crazy goal is a good way to jump-start that.

I’ll still be posting my Cooking Adventures blog on Thursday and I’ll still have a new Inspiration Through Music blog for you all this next Monday. I won’t let those goals get in the way of the blog. Don’t worry. 🙂

Well, I’d best get started! Stay tuned for the Inspiration Through Music: Norah Jones this evening!