Inspiration Through Music: Johnny Cash

I have to admit, though my music preferences extend into nearly every genre, country music is one that I still am very, very particular about. I have a few choice favorites and at the very top of the list is Johnny Cash. There is just something about his deep voice that moves me whenever he sings. And over the years, several of his songs have been the inspiration behind scenes in stories I’ve written. And the best thing is that his songs fit in many of my stories, no matter if its a futuristic sci-fi, a good ole western, an indie romance, or an action adventure.

Last week, when I committed myself to trying to finish up a handful of stories, I chose to focus solely on one; a western short story I started last fall. I had the entire plot all written out, I just lacked the time to properly finish writing it. Being a western, a slew of Johnny Cash’s music fit into writing scenes very well. The idea of characters living a tough and gritty life in the late 1800’s was easy to imagine while listening to Cash’s ballads. Today I’ll be sharing 9 songs with you that helped to inspire this short story as well as others that I’ve written.

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