July Photo Contest!

Good morning, readers!

Today begins the first day of a month long photo contest that I’ll be holding. Eager to know the details? Good.

I’ve been searching for the perfect photo to use for the cover of Memento Mori: Book 3 of The Monstrum Chronicles. I even thought I had a good photo a month ago when some friends and I went on a photo adventure. It had been my goal to find an empty rowboat sitting in a pond with the daylight being at sunset. We ultimately located a motorboat tied up on a river but my camera doesn’t take good photos. I got back to my apartment thinking I really had something and all of the photos turned out blurry or looked too saturated or there was too much contrast, even when I tried to fix them in the photo gallery program. This means I still need a cover for Book 3.

This is where you come in.

All month, I’ll be accepting photos (one per person) of the following subject: a rowboat (with or without oars) in a pond at either sunrise or sunset. There must be no people, no other boats, hints of houses or civilization nearby. Please, please, please, don’t send me photographs of motorboats or boats in the ocean. This is a quiet, calm, pond or even lake side that I’m looking for. Also, the photo must be in color.

Prizes: The winning photographer’s photo will be used as the cover for Memento Mori and will be credited on the inside cover. They will also receive a free copy of both “Vox” and “Aequitas” (when it’s released in October), a complimentary “soundtrack” of music that inspired Book 2, and a gift certificate to Amazon for $25!

Please send all submissions to info@voxthebook.com. Include your name, a title for the photograph, the photograph in an attachment, and an email or phone number so that I can contact you.

The contest ends on July 31st at midnight. I’ll announce the winner of the contest August 5th.

There’s also a page here on my website as well so that, if you need to look for anything, you won’t have to dig through tons of old posts to find it here.

Note: If you send me a photograph, the photograph must be previously unpublished and available for use in publication, and multimedia use including internet and video.

Thank you, thank you everyone! I can’t wait to see what some of you submit!


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