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COOKING ADVENTURE #27: Glazed Kiwi Tart


Ah, kiwi, that strangely exotic, vibrant green fruit that is frequently ignored when it comes to desserts. Well, not today. For a couple weeks now, I’ve been craving something sweet… but not as decadent as, say Devil’s Food Cake. I wanted it to  have fruit in it and be something that I could do without too much of a fuss. Therefore, it was pretty convenient when going through an old issue of a Hannaford Fresh magazine that my mom had given me, that I should find this amazing recipe for a kiwi tart. Just looking at the mouth-watering picture confirmed in my mind that I’d have to make this recipe. And I did it like a boss. I wasn’t even at the top of my game the day I attempted it and it came out superbly, minus one or two difficulties in the process.

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Inspiration Through Music: Sarah Fimm

Sarah Fimm is, hands down, one of my absolute favorite singers. Ever since I discovered her five or six years ago, I’ve hunted down music from her and listened to it for my writing. She is probably one of the most consistently inspiring musicians that I’ve listened to. Every song of hers evokes an emotion that can be difficult to pin down and her lyrics draw you in subtly the longer you listen to her. No matter what song of hers that I listen to, I see a lone main character, with very abstract thoughts coursing through their head. They are trying to make some kind of important decision at that very moment, too.

Sarah Fimm is a (for some reason) relatively unknown singer/songwriter from Woodstock, New York. She has nearly 8 albums out now, each one packed with a collection of gorgeous songs. What separates Sarah Fimm from other singers, for me, is her voice. She has a spell-binding and harmonious voice that always manages to suck me in to the song and to the feelings being evoked in it. It was very, very, difficult for me to choose a minimum number of songs to write about. When I started going through my library of them, I had close to 13 posted on here. I managed to narrow it down to 8 for you today.

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July Photo Contest!

Good morning, readers!

Today begins the first day of a month long photo contest that I’ll be holding. Eager to know the details? Good.

I’ve been searching for the perfect photo to use for the cover of Memento Mori: Book 3 of The Monstrum Chronicles. I even thought I had a good photo a month ago when some friends and I went on a photo adventure. It had been my goal to find an empty rowboat sitting in a pond with the daylight being at sunset. We ultimately located a motorboat tied up on a river but my camera doesn’t take good photos. I got back to my apartment thinking I really had something and all of the photos turned out blurry or looked too saturated or there was too much contrast, even when I tried to fix them in the photo gallery program. This means I still need a cover for Book 3.

This is where you come in.

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