Cooking Adventure Sunday

Once again, I’m here to apologize. This month has been the worst month for me to try and get anything done. This week, I was without a car and was unable to grocery shop for the ingredients for my Cooking Adventure. It was also my birthday earlier this week and tonight is the long awaited White Russian Munchkin Soiree (see link for further explanation.) I haven’t been able to get anything done in the way of editing this week either. In light of all of this, I’m a bit frustrated. However, I have the next two days off in which to finally get some work done and Sunday, I should have an Angel Food cake (either glorious or horrible) to share with you. Thanks for understanding. Hopefully in September, I’ll have everything sorted out.


One thought on “Cooking Adventure Sunday

  1. Sorry, readers. I have no excuse other then the fact that I’m tired and at no point did I actually have time to do the Cooking Adventure this weekend. Still having problems with my “new” car. I should have it up for you by Thursday and my Inspiration Through Music post up by then, too. (I hope.)

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