Inspiration Through Music: Fringe Soundtracks

When I find a new project that I’m excited about, it’s usually full steam ahead. I will work on that project and that project alone until I’ve cranked out a manuscript. I’ll neglect my social life and usually be very difficult to reach. Anyone who is friends with me already knows this though. In light of this, it may explain why my schedule has been a little hectic the last week. I’ve just started work on an apocalyptic novel that I’m very, very ecstatic about. The basic premise is that a woman recovering from an operation at home is inadvertently spared when an apocalyptic event brings the world to its knees. She must then traverse the new and dangerous world outside with the help of her best friend. Oh, and did I mention that he was dead? I’ve had the idea of writing an apocalypse novel for a few months now… ever since I watched “Jumanji” at the beginning of the summer actually. I really admired the characterization between Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt’s characters and toyed with the idea of making an apocalypse novel that was more character driven instead of plot driven. But I hadn’t quite worked out the kinks. That is, until I started watching the television show, Fringe, and heard the music on it.

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