Inspiration Through Music: Neil Young

I’m going to be totally honest. Before I started working on my apocalyptic novel, I had only heard of Neil Young. I hadn’t listened to any of his music. Well, that’s not true actually. I’d heard Harvest Moon and Heart of Gold on the radio but I never knew those were his songs. I just happened to be working on a scene for my book a week ago and came to a scene where I needed the main character to choose a musician that they weren’t a fan of. Of course, off the top of my head, I thought of Neil Young, because when I was younger, I had decided that I wasn’t a fan of his (even though I didn’t have a clear understanding of his music.) And of course, while searching through some of his music on Spotify (my new favorite tool), I instantly felt bad that I’d ignored his music for so long. It is piercing, beautiful, and carries a kind of fire that reminds me of Bob Dylan. However, Young’s music, to me, seems to hit me in a different place. It seems to tangle with human emotion more intimately and really fleshes out those emotions when I’m writing.

Neil Young is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has been influential since the sixties when he started singing. He’s sung with several well-known bands including Crosby, Stills, & Nash and Crazy Horse. He’s known by some as the “Godfather of Grunge.” There are several grunge bands that I enjoy, so it’s nice to see where the genre kind of gained its momentum. Today, I have 6 songs of Young’s to share with you today and what I think of when I listen to them.

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