The Hot Tub of Death

COOKING ADVENTURE 38 – Cooking Co-Op #2: Boiled Lobster

Hi. My name is Gary.

Yes, folks. That horrific day has finally come where I’ve actually cooked a lobster. Now I know what you’re thinking. Well… maybe I don’t know exactly what you’re thinking but for a few of you, it will be along the lines of “So what? No big deal.” And for some of you that don’t eat seafood, you’re trying to comprehend how this thing could be seen as delicious. I mean, yes, he is kind of staring into your soul… and I, against better judgement, named the lobsters Gary and Barry (both in honor of characters in recent playthroughs that HarshlyCritical has done). But some of you might not have also realized that these guys were alive beforehand… yup. I killed the lobsters. And I did it using the hot tub of death.

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Inspiration Through Music: Alan Wake Soundtrack

Hello October! It’s been so long. I’ve missed you fiercely. Yes, folks, you guessed it. Since October is my favorite month, we’ll be having  a month of Inspiration Through Music blogs that will help to write that horror/supernatural/or mystery novel locked deep inside you. Granted, I’ve already done so many other Inspiration Through Music blogs that relate to that, but… now I have an excuse for it. So, the first in our October series will be from none other than Petri Alanko’s masterful Alan Wake score. For those of you out there whom are under the impression that video games are a complete waste of time, I shake my head at you. Yes, I agree that there are some that have very little contribution to the art world, but the majority of them are brilliantly executed, the stories vivid, and the music fresh and inspiring. Such is the case for Alan Wake.

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