Inspiration Through Music: Craig Armstrong

Connection to characters when writing is integral. Without that understanding, being able to feel their emotions and how they are thinking, we have a very hard time predicting where a story is going to go… or even writing one for that matter. Typically, I tend to write about characters who have faced some kind of an emotional hardship, something that has damaged them on more of a mental level rather than a physical one. Being able to identify with frustration and pain is something that every human goes through. It makes us care about them more. And therefore, when I write, I have a tendency to feel as though I’m in some of the same situations as my characters are in when I’m writing about them. Half the battle is also finding a way to make that initial contact with your character. I do this through music. Craig Armstrong’s music has been a recent inspirational gold mine while working on a number of projects dealing with emotionally-scarred characters. The simple beauty in his violin and piano compositions enables me to get into my character’s shoes with ease. Today, I’ll be sharing six of Armstrong’s pieces with you and talking about what I see when I listen to them.

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Demon Colds Make Me Slack-Off

From the title of this post, you’ll probably be able to draw a few conclusions. 1.) I’ve had a cold that’s about equal to the Black Death. I’ve had it for about a week now and it’s seriously kicked my butt. 2.) I haven’t been keeping up with my blog posts. I’ve missed last week’s Cooking Adventure (which I am in the middle of cooking right now) and today’s Inspiration Through Music (which I’ve started but not finished). Suffice to say neither will be up tonight for your viewing pleasure. There is a possibility that I’ll have Cooking Adventures up tomorrow night… provided I remember to buy a black light somewhere… yes… it’s part of the recipe.

I would love to get back on track this week… but I’m baby-stepping it right now. I’m finally starting to feel a little better but this cold keeps zapping my energy… Hopefully, I’ll have Cooking Adventures up for you Tuesday evening, Inspiration Through Music up for you Wednesday morning or evening, and a new Cooking Adventure for you up Thursday night. It’s asking a lot but… I’m going to try.

For those of you whom have been so patient with me, thank you.