Ginger Overload

COOKING ADVENTURE # 51: Ginger Tumble

Ginger Tumble

The old saying goes “You can never have too much of a good thing.” In this case, I think that’s debatable. I like ginger. I think when you detect a hint of it in a dish, whether it be a dessert or a dinner, it really adds a nice heat and flavor. The recipe for Ginger Tumble went above and beyond the call for a “hint” of ginger flavor. This was a full on ginger roller coaster ride, one that I didn’t quite enjoy as much as I’d hoped I would. However, I will say that I enjoyed certain parts of the dish (particularly the sauce, the only non-ginger part) and would probably make it again with a different kind of ice cream for garnish. Let’s not kid ourselves here either: this is a very, very rich dish. It’s definitely something that you don’t want to O.D. on. I totally just did and now my mouth is tingling from too much ginger. All I can say is that at least it was edible in the end. It could have gone much worse.

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