Snowpocalypse Now!

So, yes. For those of you who live in New England, I don’t have to describe to you the outrageously insane snow storm that we just had. For those of you who live elsewhere in the world, I’ve spent the last two days shoveling snow up to my chest. We got a record 30 + inches and had winds at 30-45 mph with gusts up to 60 mph. I just finished shoveling out my car (which was almost completely buried) and am now kicking it back with some orange juice while my body screams at me for the torture it just endured.

What this means for posting is that the Cooking Adventure (which was supposed to have been up on Friday) will be up MONDAY. Apologies for it being late. I have no good excuse other than being outside three times yesterday trying to shovel off the deck to keep the snow from drifting in front of me and my neighbor’s doors and trying to dig the bottom half of the staircase out as well. Oh, and then I napped for three hours to get rid of a headache that had settled in, spent the rest of the evening watching Dexter (such a delightfully dark series!), and went to bed at 8 pm.

So, what was I saying? That’s right. Tune in for a Cooking Adventure MONDAY!


((Those of you who read this post earlier saw “later today” in place of Monday. I shouldn’t have been so optimistic. My body feels like its on fire. All of my muscles are killing me. My hands are spazzing out because they can’t remain still on the keyboard for long enough to type out letters. I’ve seriously got to go to bed. And seriously, I will have this up tomorrow along with Inspiration Through Music.))


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