The Tabouli Predica-Mint

COOKING ADVENTURE #60: Quinoa Tabouli


You know how I made a fuss a couple weeks ago about the herb marinaded steak and how I felt I was eating a garden when I had it? Well, I take it back. Fully. I’m pretty sure I just ate a greenhouse and it didn’t go down well, folks. Maybe this chick isn’t meant to be a vegetarian… or really eat very many green things at all. Though, I have to admit that I was a little sketched out by the idea of so many leafy green herbs tossed in not enough vegetables and practically a handful of quinoa. Problem is now that I also have a giant bowl full of the stuff that I have to eat. Proportions, proportions, proportions… If I’d known that recipe would make THIS much, I would have cut it down dramatically. Unfortunately the website where I found this recipe lists the serving size in about size 2 font in the top corner of the recipe box. Damn it. I’m craving meat now. Any kind. Just something to help digest all of the foliage I just wolfed down, expecting it to taste somehow spectacular. I’m even more sad that I went out of my way on a Grail-like quest to find parsley and mint in the snowy climes of a wintry Midcoast Maine for this and now have a bunch of each left over… with nothing to use them for. Once again, all I can think of to say is damn it.

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