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COOKING ADVENTURE # 64: Tetris Birthday Cake

Tetris Cake

Before we even begin on this colorful wacky adventure, we need the proper atmosphere. Kindly click here. Is it playing? Good. Now we can begin. This week was my brother’s birthday. Since both of us grew up in the nineties, we were both nintendo addicts. One of my brother’s favorite games was Tetris, a puzzle video game that is probably one of the most well-known classic video games. While browsing on Pinterest last fall, I came across a cake that someone had done in homage to Tetris and knew that this was what I would have to recreate for my brother. The RaspberriCupcakes website is the origin of this delicious idea. And what a hit it was with my brother and the rest of the family. However, not as easy a task as it might seem. I had to get my hands frosted for this one, dyed all the colors of the rainbow, and then as is usual with most cooking adventures, injured myself just when I thought I was in the clear. Good thing it tasted good so that it was all worth it!

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