Weekly Update

So folks, there is a situation that limits me from doing my Cooking Adventure’s blog… which is a Greek tragedy. My car has yet again developed a problem and is in the shop… probably for the weekend. This means, I’m not going to be able to go to the grocery store to get the ingredients to make that amazing meatloaf that was supposed to be this week. Perhaps if someone wonderful gives me a ride to the grocery store Saturday night or Sunday, then I can do it this weekend. But not before then. Sorry.

As far as Inspiration Through Music goes, I apologize for that not being up sooner. I’ll hope to have that up by tomorrow Saturday evening.

Thanks for understanding!


EDIT: As of today, I’ve found out that the transmission in my car is gone. I will now have to find a new car this coming week. I apologize for any delays in getting posts up. Hopefully, this car crisis will end in me finding something that is dependable, but also something that I’ll want to drive. (I’m hoping for a used Mini Cooper… but I’m open to other options.)


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