Madagascar Hissing Meatloaf

COOKING ADVENTURE #66: Epic Meatloaf


Two weeks. I’ve been waiting two weeks to make this damn meatloaf. This heavenly concoction wrapped in celestial bacon, and coated in a divine ketchup brown sugar glaze has been on my mind day and night. And while I underwent my search for a new vehicle, I kept hoping that I’d be lucky enough to have some time here to get groceries and time there to actually make the meatloaf. Well, finally tonight, my time came. And the finished product didn’t disappoint one bit. I allowed it to bake as I tuned into the live coverage of the manhunt for the last suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. It was a tense, edge of your seat evening in more ways than one. I’m just glad that everything turned out okay in the end. As the crowds in Boston cheered as the suspect was apprehended alive, I, too, cheered as my meatloaf came out of the oven looking like the best thing I’d seen all week (besides my new car, of course.)

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Playing Catch Up…

Hello, folks. Well, as some of you know, IZZE 3, my Kia, has officially died and I’ve been on the search for a new vehicle for the last week and a half. I’ve managed to find a wonderful Nissan Versa that will become the latest incarnation of IZZE. Because I’ve been without rides to the grocery store and have been driving all over the place with my parents in search of a new vehicle, I haven’t had the time or resources to do a Cooking Adventure or an Inspiration Through Music blog. That situation will be remedied tonight. I plan to execute the Cooking Adventure and then write about it and have it up tonight. Inspiration Through Music will hopefully follow it if it isn’t too late in the evening for me. But since I live in Maine and nine o’clock is universally regarded as “late”, the blog might follow Saturday night.

Apologies for those who have been sitting on the edges of their seats in anticipation for a new Cooking Adventures blog. The last thing I wanted (or needed) right now was for my car to go and die on me. When I’ve had it less than a year. And after I’d finished replacing half of the other parts on it. Let’s just say that they guy who sold it to me is a REAL piece of work and hopefully won’t be selling cars to anyone else because he knows absolutely NOTHING about how to properly fix them. And when I say “piece of work” I mean it by the number 3 definition: this definition.

*clears throat* Now that I’ve vented a little bit, I feel slightly better. Slightly.

Stay tuned tonight for Cooking Adventures. Meatloaf. It’s going to be amazing…because of bacon. If it’s not, I’m going to curl up in a fetal position and cry.