Inspiration Through Music: Bersarin Quartett

Ambient music can be one of the most inspiring genre’s of music in my opinion. It’s filled with various sounds and instrumentals in some cases all constructed in a way that ask for you to look beyond the melody and rhythm. You can see things happening to each and every unusual noise that happens. The music is meant to be background noise, it’s meant to keep your ears on alert. What I’ve always found with listening to ambient music is that my ears are able to recognize a lot of these various sound effects and translate them into scenery for my writing. When the ambient music is mixed with classical, it trancends a level of beauty that I find very hard to describe. Any piece of music that can stimulate my inspiration but also be enjoyable to listen to on its own is always, in my opinion, brilliant. Very recently, with Spotify as my tool for finding new music, I was introduced to the works of Bersarin Quartett. I’ve never been so excited about ambient music so much.

Bersarin Quartett is a German ambient and neo-classical project of Thomas Bucker. (For a time, I was under the impression that this was an actual quartet. While there may be a few musicians playing, Bucker is the sole composer. I should have done my homework. Apologies, Mr. Bucker.) Their most recently released album, II, has literally been playing non-stop on my Spotify for the last several weeks as I work on Book 3 of The Monstrum Chronicles. The works off this album hit me on a very emotional level. I can sense so much while I listen to these and in turn, translate those feelings into the characters I write. I like to joke with my friends about how dark the book series is and that each book gets a little darker as the series goes on. Book 3 will be darker than Book 2, “Aequitas.” This is in part to Bersarin Quartett’s music as it has been the inspiration for the prologue and first two chapters of the book. Without revealing too much of what’s to come, I’m going to share with you four songs from Bersarin Quartett’s II album and tell you about what I see when I listen to them. Enjoy.

Perlen, Honig oder Untergang: (Pearls, Honey, or Demise) – She walked down the long narrow hallway, her shoes tapping on the stone floor. The walls seemed to show a ghostly shadow following her in their metal surface. For several moments, she tried to tell herself to turn around and go back. It wasn’t worth losing her sanity. She could still move on. There was time to heal. But for somereason, she just couldn’t see being in a world without saying good bye to her sister one last time. She reached the door at the end of the hall and pulled it open, straining with the weight of it. It was as if she’d entered a tunnel then. The light was gone and the sealed hall was much colder than the rest of the building had been when she’d arrived. There was a long window at the end of the hall; the viewing window. Her steps became smaller and once again the inkling that she shouldn’t do this rose up in her. What if seeing her sister’s body was the final thing that split her sanity, her grief forever tormenting her? But what if it set her free?

Der Mond, der Schnee und Du: (The Moon, the Snow, and You) – Snow had finally come to their little town that evening. The first dash of winter on the blisteringly cold November day. He knew that he should have been home hours ago. But, given the opportunity to walk her home, he couldn’t pass it up. The way that the snowflakes danced around her head, the way her smile seemed to brighten up the darkness… it could have all been a dream. He wanted to pinch himself just to make sure it wasn’t. He had watched her every day at school in his math class. It wasn’t what everyone said about her, that she had received a full scholarship to Berkeley, that she got the best grades out of the entire senior student body… It was something about her quietude, something that just seemed to radiate from her whenever no one’s attention was on her. Something in her eyes had him curious to learn more. And now it was his chance. He smiled as they both wrapped their coats closer around themselves and trudged along, the snow flitting through the air in the lights from the streetlamps.

Im Lichte Des Anderen: (In the Light of the Other) – As the first traces of light spilled over the horizon, her mind finally slowed down. It had been racing all night, never once slowing in the sheet of darkness. But now she could relax, she could finally sleep. Light was here. The sun was ascending into the deep blue sky and soon would overtake the earth. She took a long deep breath and tried to think of the night before. She’d almost not escaped it. To be killed in that darkness would have been the most horrific thing imaginable. She had seen things in the darkness that shouldn’t exist. She’d felt the claws of death as it had tried to pry her soul from her. It had almost been inescapable. She opened her eyes to the daylight, stood from her makeshift bed on the floor, and walked to the window, allowing the orange beams to engulf her. Bathed in that warmth, a new-found strength revitalized her. This was only just the beginning. But she’d survived. And she’d learned enough from the experience. She could survive this again.

Zum Greifen nah: (Minute Away) – An old clocked ticked away as he closed the door. The antique shop was a strange place. He’d only ever been inside once… when he shouldn’t have been. But now that he was here, alone and in the dark, he began to question his reasons for returning here. There were so many things inside, old dusty contraptions, broken parts, rusted tools. Things that were important to someone, somewhere but here were just collected pieces of junk. He felt nothing particularly special about any of them. As he picked his way through the aisles, searching for that one thing, he began to feel a large sense of unease. This was the last place he wanted to be. But he couldn’t go home. And he couldn’t leave town. He had unfinished business. If he didn’t make sure it was taken care of, people could die. Something glinted in the moonlight coming in the window. He zeroed in on the item and picked it up. An old skeleton key. Funny how something as simple as this could bring something so sinister to an end.

If you are interested in learning more about Bersarin Quartett, check out their bandcamp website here or check out their facebook page here.

Next week on Inspiration Through Music, I’ll be looking at the works of Celldweller, one of my absolute favorite rock bands. Adding a unique combination of orchestral and electronic influences to their works, their songs have been huge inspirations while working on The Monstrum Chronicles. Stay tuned!


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