SHARK WEEK Cooking Adventures coming soon!

Shark Week

I apologize first to all of you whom have been waiting on a new Cooking Adventure for the last few weeks. I can only say that I have been busy revising my upcoming release, Night Time, Dotted Line. I’ve also been writing my new apocalyptic fiction novel, Cold Walls, and have been trying to figure out how to best turn around my next sequel in The Monstrum Chronicles series. All of this has left me completely exhausted and not necessarily in the mood to tackle creating new dishes in the kitchen. I’ve been eating frozen dinners for the last several weeks… wish I was joking. The few times I have cooked, it’s all been recipes that I did last year and I didn’t want to bore you with something I’ve already done.

You’ll be delighted to know that since it is SHARK WEEK, my absolute favorite week of the year, I will be making two, count ’em TWO cooking adventures. Both are of the cake variety. I’m in the process of baking one and will hopefully have that Cooking Adventure up for you tomorrow evening. The next one probably won’t be until Friday evening. The first is a Shark Beach cake, complete with a little bit of bloody water, shark fin, and some dead fish. Friday, I’ll be making some Strawberry Shark cupcakes with a couple of chum jello shots and a special shark week cocktail. Excited? So am I!

Stay tuned!


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