Surfacing for Air

So… it’s been a while since I posted anything. Fall always unleashes a creative surge in me that I find it hard to quell. Last year, that creative urge was all about cooking and writing blog posts. This year, I’ve been channeling it into my writing, which has been excellent, but…it leaves you guys wanting. I apologize for that. September has been a month of thought, trying to work out what I’d like to change in order to help benefit my career as an author. Several positive things have happened this year, things that I’m grateful for. I’ve had several book-signings, met some talented and wonderful writers, got a pretty fancy literary nomination, and, in less than two months, I’ll be self-publishing my third book, Night Time, Dotted Line.

But, I haven’t been able to focus on the actual marketing of any of my books and that, as we all know, is kind of important. I’m not going to lie; it’s been tough this year keeping up my self-esteem when it comes to my writing. I’ve constantly felt as though I haven’t had enough time on my hands to get things done and when I do, I am exhausted. I know I’m not the only one who has ever dealt with this feeling; it plagues many other writers or really anyone creative. We want to be able to come home from a long day and relax before we go absolutely bonkers. And, in allowing myself some time to relax, I’ve neglected this blog, for which I feel sorry for.

Fear not. With October, we will see a resurgence in posts. Along with returning Cooking Adventures and some Inspiration Through Music posts, I’ll also be posting more about my current projects and writing in general. Some of these will, no doubt, be about my upcoming adventures in the world of ghost hunting. Huh? What was that? Yes, you heard correctly. I’ve signed on for an adult ed course on ghost hunting. There will probably be plenty of funny stories to go around while I participate in this. I had to jump on board though. Since I’m in the middle of writing a ghostly apocalyptic novel, I figure we can count this as “research”.

Oh, yeah. You’re probably wondering what exactly I’m working on now. While Book 3 of The Monstrum Chronicles is on the back burner until I can really figure out where I’m going with it, I’ve been pouring my energy into another dark fiction project featuring, you guessed it, an apocalypse. But no, it’s not vampires, or zombies, or a plague… it’s ghosts. I’ve made it a point to read several other well-known authors who have written about apocalyptic events in order to further glean technique and emotion from the type of book. Just finished Matheson’s I Am Legend last night and…whooo…that was intense. I’m ready to split open McCarthy’s The Road next.

Also, that book I’ve got coming out in November is a comedy. Seems like a strange divergence from my usual highly depressing, gut-wrenching dark fiction, but I don’t just want to be a writer of one genre. While ideas for dark fiction are abundant in my brain, I would like to be able to try out different genres and play around a bit. Writing something comedic but also with heart came naturally to me…which is kind of surprising. I’ve got plans for a western, a historical fiction/thriller romance (otherwise called a histo-thromance) and a historical speculative fiction.

Stay tuned. October is going to be a great month. You just wait.



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