Halloween Readings Galore!

Hello! Long time no see, right? Yes, I’ll admit that I’ve been away from the blog for quite some time… and that I said I wasn’t going to do that. That being said, I’m really going to try my hardest to get back into a routine of blogging, starting with a little about what’s been happening that last couple weeks.

Last Saturday, we kicked off our 2nd Annual Mid-coast Halloween Readings with a reading in Portland at Slainte Wine Bar and Lounge! The dark atmosphere is cozy and dark, perfect for us to settle in and tell some frightening stories for the evening. And did I mention there’s some wonderful Shipyard Pumpkinhead on tap for a little liquid courage. Indulging in a glass of that was perfect and made me feel a little less nervous about getting up on stage and introducing everyone. I was joined by fellow authors Kate Cone and E.J. Fechenda, who have their own reading series that they hold at Slainte, Darcy Scott, and April Hawks. The evening was a major success! We had a bunch of people come and listen to us as well as win prizes from our free raffle. The pictures below (featuring E.J., Darcy, and Kate), while grainy and from cellphone cameras, are the best that I have to catalog the evening. Being so dark in there, it was tough to get very good resolution.

Last night, our second night in Bath at the Patten Free Library went off without a hitch!  Fellow authors Lynda Styles, Peter Dudar, April Hawks and myself entertained the audience for an hour and a half with our works, answered some questions posed by the audience about our writing, and gave out free books to some lucky winners. The room had been beautifully decorated by the library’s event coordinator Leslie Mortimer when we arrived. Black cats, pumpkins, and leaves adorned the podium and the walls. And let’s not forget the wonderful array of goodies she bought for the evening (pumpkin munchkin donuts included!). I shared part of my current work in progress, Cold Walls, which was more suspenseful than scary in my opinion. I’m hoping that tonight, I can have something a bit more chilling to share with the audience.

Yes, you heard that right. Tonight is our last night of readings at the Rockland Public Library. I’ll be joined by Jen Blood and Patrick Shawn Bagley for the evening. We’ll be reading from 6:30 until about 7:45 at the latest (although we didn’t leave until 8 last night!) so please stop on over and give a listen. We’d love to see you!

Here are some photos of last night’s fun time at Patten Free Library for you to check out! I’ll be posting an Inspiration Through Music later and attempting to start up a long-awaited Cooking Adventure as well! Stay tuned!



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