Inspiration Through Music: A Walk in the Dark Soundtrack

Several of you know that I have a soft spot for video game music, particularly well-composed music from indie games. I’ve done several Inspiration Through Music blogs for game soundtracks such as “Limbo”, “Journey”, “Heavy Rain”, and “The Walking Dead”. Now, I’ve found another that has once again shattered my expectations of video game scoring. This soundtrack is phenomenal in the way each instrument is characterized and the range of emotions that can be felt while listening to the various tracks.

The game “A Walk in the Dark” follows the story of a girl and her beloved cat separated by a dark forest and seeking to get back to one another. The game immediately reminds me of Limbo in terms of the puzzle-platforming gameplay. But the difference lies in the soundtrack. While Limbo was purely ambient and barely felt as though it was there, the soundtrack for “A Walk in the Dark” is like the plume of darkness in the game’s trailer, quickly covering the tiniest corners of the game and enhancing the mood and scenes. The piano is beautifully played by Cody Cook, the brilliant composer of the game’s music. I’ve talked before about music having transporting properties: when you listen to it, it takes you to a completely different place. It’s as if it creates its own world. That’s exactly what Cook’s soundtrack does here and I couldn’t be more excited to share some of those songs with you today.

Curious about the game? You can find its official website here. Want to buy the gorgeous soundtrack? You can find it here at Bandcamp! Now kickback and relax while I share four songs from the soundtrack with you and what I think of when I hear them.

A Walk in the Dark: 

The key in the music box twists slowly as the little figure spins. Night has swallowed up the bedroom and only a sliver of the moon shows in across the boy’s face. He dreams of a world outside that comes to life in the night, a world where dragons emerge from their caves and flex their wings, where fairies unfold from the petals of flowers and fly up in search of mischief, a place where he can eventually travel to find his father. He’d disappeared without a trace a year ago. The time had felt like molasses, slowly turning his hopes into nothing more than just dreams awakened in the unconscious mind. But there was still an essence of hope like that single sliver of moonlight. There was still a chance that this space existed and that his father was there. He would find it someday.

Bast is Alone: 

Running in the dark. The shapes of trees are the only things that stand out in the blue blackness, tall towers that seem to appear on all sides of the gloom. When and where did the darkness end? It had just folded down on them in a moment of happiness and he’d lost her, somewhere. The thought of her being here by herself only made him run faster. This was not the place for a little girl.

Even the More Curious: 

He looked closer. A speck of light emanated from those woods, something unnatural that called to him. It had spoken to him in his dreams, calling him out of his slumber. He’d seen it from his window, far away across the lawn. It had taken only moments to get dressed, even longer to sneak through the creaky halls and down the squeaky stairs. But he was here now and it was waiting. And for fear of letting the light be snuffed out in time, he cautiously peeled back a few branches in his way and cautiously entered the new realm.

Through the Caverns We Go!: 

The thumping was not far behind. His little legs burned with the effort to make it out of these twisting tunnels. He’d wandered and in his wandering, he’d awoken an unspeakable monster. And the longer he’d stayed inside, the more he began to forget how he’d entered. Too many routes and canals in the rock had turned him around. This creature knew these walls better than him and it would only be a matter of time before it outsmarted him. He had to keep moving. He had to find a way out. A thunderous roar echoes through the narrow hallway and stops him short. It comes from up ahead.

Enjoyed listening to the “A Walk in the Dark” soundtrack? You can find it for sale here at Bandcamp.

Next week, I’ll be examining the work of Gustaf Grefberg’s “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” Soundtrack. Stay tuned!


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