Updates, SON!

My apologies for not having a Cooking Adventure up sooner. It really is due to my dumb decision last week to make a crostata that involves a fruit that is seen even less than the Abominable Snowman. Pluots? Seriously, what was I thinking. Haven’t been able to find any anywhere. So, I’ve decided to change this week’s recipe up and do a grand Chicken and Spinach Lasagna instead! How do you like them apples pluots? Huh? I’ll try to have this up for you folks tomorrow.

In other news, work on Book 3 is going very well! I threw down another 10 pages as of Thursday and hope to get at least another ten done this weekend. Might be a bit tight in between doing the Cooking Adventure and tomorrow’s Inspiration Through Music but…I put myself in that position. So, I’ve got to do it!

Also coming up this week is my presentation at Oceanside High School! Looking forward to that this Wednesday!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!



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