Inspiration Through Music: Stateless


When I find a band that I can really get in sync with and start writing to easily, it’s essentially a giant celebration. I am a fan of many different kinds of music and I write a lot of very different genres, ranging from comedy to horror. Just about a month ago, I was working on a side project from my Monstrum Chronicles horror series in order to kind of recharge my writing batteries. Sometimes taking a break and working on a fun and utterly different project makes you able to see things with a clear head once again. And that’s just what it did for me. While working on that project, I came across this drop-dead gorgeous band called Stateless and a bountiful collection of songs that I’ve had on repeat for…a while now.

Stateless is an English electronic band that was founded in 2002. These guys have thought-provoking lyrics matched with some great beats and incredibly balanced harmonies. What really stuck out at me were the levels of beauty and grittiness that songs peaked at, able to sound really dark and tragic but also hopeful and lovely. Got to say that they are probably one of my favorite bands now. I absolutely love their stuff. It got so that I listened to them not only for the break story but also for Memento Mori and my apocalyptic novel, Cold Walls. I was thankfully able to include my four favorite songs from them in today’s Inspiration Through Music, along with what scenes played through my head as I listened to them. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

I’m On Fire (Slugabed Mix):  Drip. Drip. Drip. The faucet in the kitchen had leaked for months. He’d been telling his mother she should get it fixed. She’d let it go just like she had the squealing boards on the deck and the loose doorknob on her front door. Now that she was gone, it didn’t matter. The place would fall into further disrepair and no one would be here to notice it, the neglect becoming nothing but a further state of change. Even he would move on. But his mind tossed with unrest as he thought about the idea of leaving this place behind, leaving her behind. She had deserved better than what she’d gotten. And she still deserved justice. Something that this city owed her. Drip. Drip. Drip. He looked up from the place where he’d settled, knees up to his chest, backed against a kitchen cabinet. He stood and felt the cold air surround him. He had unfinished business to deal with. For her.

Assassinations: He shook his head as the memories came back to him. Like standing too close to a mosaic painting, the further he stepped away from it the clearer it grew, until the image was sharp, like the blade of a knife cutting him. He remembered the rain, the feeling like he’d been buried in a room hundreds of feet below the surface of the earth. He felt as though he’d been there an eternity, having not felt the sun in weeks. What had they done to him? Why was he still there? And why did they feel the need to keep it all a secret? Worst of all, why did it feel like the longer he stayed there, the more he forgot; the more he felt less like himself and more like something else? What were they turning him into? What was he becoming?

Blue Fire (feat. Amenta): Snow fell in sheets, down from one of the blackest nights she could remember. Power out. No light, save for the single weak beam of her flashlight. The world had gone cold and dark around her only an hour ago. But the silence she remembered, the silence she felt safe with through the day was slowly dissipating. Now, sounds could be heard, minute brushes against the bushes and in the trees along either side of the road. She knew they were coming. They hid back among the shadows in the day time when she was protected by the sun and now…it was their chance to flourish, to wreak havoc against what remained of the human civilization. She brought the baseball bat up close to her, and cast her sights to the closest patch of thorns nearby, sure that she’d heard something growling on the opposite side of it. If she was going to die, she’d do it fighting.

Bloodstream (Pilooski Edit): It felt like it had been decades since she’d seen him, a lifetime since she’d felt his warm lips against hers. She had forced herself to separate, the epiphany of her feelings for another like a lead weight crushing her. Feelings that could never be dealt with, that could never be realized because he had been pulled away from her so cruelly. She hadn’t wanted to admit it…that she might have been wrong about her friend. She didn’t want to admit there had been an error in her judgement. Her gut instinct had been wrong. It had torn her out of a safe way of life and put her on a lonely and dangerously depressing path. It had led her here. It had led her, eventually, back to the other man. The one who was there first. The one she should never have left. And as all of these thoughts crashed down on her under the pressure of their reunion kiss, she felt the sting of wonder and fear needling into her. What if this was it? If the world ended tomorrow, would this be how she’d want to spend it? Would his be the arms she’d lie in as death came to greet her? She knew in an instant. They would be. This was.

Loving Stateless’s tunes? Check out their page here at Ninja Tune and their facebook here.

Next week, I’ll be gravitating toward the music from one of my favorite gothic opera bands, Nightwish! Stay tuned!


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