Inspiration Through Music: Neverending Nightmares Soundtrack

Neverending Nightmares Soundtrack cover art

Greetings! It’s been a while since I came out with another Inspiration Through Music, but this Halloween season I’ve found more than a few incredible pieces of music to share with you. The first and foremost will be the soundtrack from indie horror game “Neverending Nightmares” created by Matt Gilgenbach. I had seen a trailer for this game sometime ago and instantly fell in love with the Edward Gorey-esque artwork, dark plot, and ambient music. For those of you that have been following these music blogs for a while, you’ll know that I have a particular affinity for ambient music and definitely video game soundtracks. Neverending Nightmares never disappoints with its mixture of low melodic tunes, spine-tingling children’s cries, and haunted music box lullabies.

The game begins in what appears to be a late 19th or very early 20th century home where a man, Thomas, awakens from a nightmare after seeing his sister stabbed. The game has you (as Thomas) exploring the various spooky environments as they begin to merge and encountering a host of eerie creatures. After watching my favorite Youtube LPer, HarshlyCritical, play the game, the music stayed with me. Skyler McGlothlin, the composer, is also known as Nautilis and primarily composes electronic music. If this is his first foray into ambient, I have to say that he’s done a fantastic job of enhancing a haunting atmosphere, not going too overboard with instrumentals, but also giving the music that extra something which makes it memorable. I’ve been listening to my favorite track “Weeping Angel” while working on edits for my upcoming book, “Memento Mori” and they have really helped me focus and become further immersed in the setting and mood.

Today, I’ll be sharing three songs from the Neverending Nightmares Soundtrack with you and writing a short piece about what I see when I listen to them. I encourage you all to buy the game and play it for yourselves (it’s a real trip down the rabbit hole.) Here is the official website. If you like what you hear, the soundtrack is available from Skyler McGlothlin’s Bandcamp page here.

Theme of Despair: 

Creeping like spiders legs along a thin wire. It made all of the hairs on the back of her neck stand and the warm breath from her mouth appeared like a cloud in front of her. There was something very wrong with this place. Why was everything black and white, not the faintest trace of color, not even in the faces or the eyes of the people who worked here? They were all so very pale, their eyes dull, and faces lacking emotion. It was as if this building had sucked every last drop of humanity from them? Best question was what was she still doing there. She should have left. Should have gone straight for the door at the slightest inkling that there was something wrong. Instead, she’d stayed. There was something worth uncovering here. She aimed to find it.

Weeping Angel: 

The rain howled. The storm hadn’t lifted from the small coastal town in days. People didn’t want to go out. It was miserable. Much better to have stayed inside with a hot cup of tea and a good book to read. But that was not what he was doing. Instead, he’d slogged through the mud and torrential rain to the gas station for a pack of smokes. Couldn’t be without one. He’d started to feel twitchy. But when he’d stepped outside once more and lit the first cig against the rough wind, he saw the lights going out, one by one. In all the houses, each window blinking off as they worked their way closer and closer to him. Behind it, the gloom followed, bringing with it an unnatural darkness. It was too early for night. But it was coming anyway.

Lost Boy: 

She didn’t remember being here. But she was sure this was where she’d come from. She hadn’t taken any detours, branched off hallways, hadn’t stepped through any doors…so where the hell was she now? Weren’t there supposed to be signs? The hospital was empty now, in complete disuse. They’d opened another one, a bigger facility a mile away. But it didn’t make any sense for them to have taken down all of the signage, to have stripped it so completely when they still had tools and old furniture in some rooms. She turned and started back from the direction she’d come. All she needed to find were the stairs. Once she was there, then she could make her way out. The creak of a door behind her made her stop short. There wasn’t anyone else here…was there?

Stay tuned for the next Inspiration Through Music blog and an upcoming Halloween themed Cooking Adventure this weekend!


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