Inspiration Through Music: MEMENTO MORI

MEMENTO MORI: Inspiration Through Music

Memento Mori: Book 3 of the Monstrum Chronicles

The Monstrum Chronicles has always been inspired by a variety of music. Whether it is rock, instrumental, or opera, I’ve listened to just about everything while working on these books. Today, I’m particularly happy to introduce to you a list of music that I found most inspirational while working on my latest novel, MEMENTO MORI. Today I’ll be sharing 13 songs from the unofficial playlist with you and one sentence about how the song correlates to the story. Enjoy!

Telling Ghosts – Puscifer: This is Torrent’s introduction song. We get a look inside his manic mind and realize just how much we don’t know about our favorite lilitu…

What Else Do I Need – VAST:  When Harper loses control, he finds himself lost in thoughts of time long ago. He isn’t sure what the right choice is; doing what he did as a human or what he must do as a monster…

Run Boy Run – Woodkid: Vera has spent her entire life running, always looking over her shoulder. This is no different.

Assassinations – Stateless: Harper does his job and he does it well; sometimes too well.

Death – Andreas Ronnberg from “Cry of Fear” Soundtrack: Whit remembers that day; that terrible day with as much clarity as if it had just happened.

Kyrie – Gyorgy Ligeti: Don’t underestimate the house. It isn’t what it appears to be…

If I Was Your Vampire (Instrumental) – Marilyn Manson: Business is business for Torrent. Making sure lilitu hunters don’t disturb his plans is just another day at the office for him.

On the Nature of Daylight – Max Richter: Harper weighs his humanity against the monstrosity he’s become.

If I Had A Heart – Fever Ray: Torrent’s men deal with their last opposing threat…

Im Lichte Des Anderen – Bersarin Quartett: Lusk discovers the truth about lilitu. Whit finally meets Torrent.

Biting Down – Lorde: Sisko vows revenge.

For 12 – Other Lives: Torrent makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Evil Beauty – Blackmill: Vera says goodbye to her past.

Want to hear the rest of the soundtrack? Hop on over to the official site and play it for yourself if you have a Spotify account.

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Stay tuned!


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