Cooking Adventure: Banff Edition


So, we still have about two weeks until the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour comes to the wonderful little town of Camden, Maine. Every year, the Banff Centre in Canada holds a film festival where hundreds of athletes professional and amateur, budding and professional film makers all compete for the chance to be shown in the World Tour. This year, like last year, I was eager to do a Cooking Adventure that was, in a sense, “adventure” themed.

“Adventure” translated easily into camping for me. When I tried to look for suggestions of desserts or dishes that I could make that might have an adventure theme, most of them came up as cakes. And pretty fancy ones at that. Definitely not the kind of thing that I could create in a short amount of time with a limited budget. Last year, I managed to make a quasi-cool campfire cake (but the flames were mistaken as bacon more than once). This year…I had even less money, but just as much determination.

And so it was that I came across the recipe for Chocolate Cakes in Orange Shells by Cakespy at the Serious Eats website. Since this is a camping dessert and one that seemed like it would be fun to translate into film, I set straight to work on it. And when I’d finished…well, I just couldn’t wait two weeks to show people. That cake is delicious!

For more information about the Banff Mountain Film Festival, follow the link here!

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See a recipe that you think I’d like to cook? Send it my way to my email at!

Stay tuned for the next Cooking Adventure!


*Cooking Adventures is a bi-weekly/tri-weekly blog on The Monstrum Chronicles blog. Each adventure is about me and my battles in the kitchen to create something I’ve never done before. I do the occasional video Cooking Adventure, but most of them are written accounts of disasters and triumphs. These are comedic and meant to entertain; I assure you I’m not really this pathetic when I cook everything.


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    I didn’t get a new Banff Cooking Adventure done in time, on account of being under the weather. So, enjoy this little video of last year’s video Banff Cooking Adventure!

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