Horror-Fail Friday: Elves…Aren’t Scary

Horror-FAIL Friday

So… Christmas Elves are not scary. Figured I should just come right out and say it. Especially when they are designed to look like a Nerf ball with eyes and Chicklets for teeth. They also make a monotone honk like a clarinet whenever they’re about to attack. The point of the indie game “Nightmare From My Bed” puts the player hiding under their bed from elves that have suddenly developed psychopathic murderous tendencies and want to end your life.

First: why are you hiding under your bed from ELVES? They are as short as can be! Why wouldn’t you just climb on top of a bookcase or something? Second: the person you play as has a blanket under the bed with them which they pull over their eyes whenever the elves advance. Really? “I can’t see you, so you can’t see me!”

And can I just emphasize again… I don’t and will never think that elves are scary. I’m of the opinion that elves and horror should never mix just like bleach and ammonia. Even the ones in “The Nightmare Before Christmas” weren’t scary, just sort of cat-eyed and work-obsessed.

“Weeee! I don’t even know what we’re doing but it’s FUN!”

Basically, if Jack Skellington can figure out that Halloween and Christmas need to stay as separate entities, then I think Christmas and scary need to go their separate ways. This is of course, just my opinion.

Nightmare From My Bed, the name of this indie game, has no background story, no goal, and the gameplay seems to contradict itself by telling you not to leave the bed…but then giving you the option to do so…

Enjoy HarshlyCritical as he tries to figure out what is going on with this game.

Stay tuned for next week’s Horror-Fail Friday!



2 thoughts on “Horror-Fail Friday: Elves…Aren’t Scary

  1. Hi !! 🙂 Im the developer of this game. Thanks for make this post, i know, i was wrong at try create the videogame..

    i spent so bad in the process of the game, i tried with all my strenght make one horror game with low graphics and create a great atmosphere, but the sad true it’s i dont have time for make games, and i dont make all the game. Thats why the game sucks and not have good boot.

    But well, from the mistakes you learn, thanks again !! good post.


    PD: Sorry if you cant understand my english, i write bad but im learning.


    • I should apologize for my rather harsh critique of your game. I should have provided some helpful feedback instead of saying what I did.

      That being said, this game could be scarier if you spent more time polishing it, ensuring that the instructions are easy to understand, and the game mechanics aren’t a copy of someone else’s.

      The underlying problems with it are that it’s based off of another game’s platform; it’s nearly identical gameplay to FNAF. Secondly, it needs a little more attention-to-detail. The environments, character models, scares, background story etc. could use some fine-tuning.

      Everyone has to start somewhere. It was a decent first-attempt. If you want to make a horror game, pick a unique idea and give it your all. Don’t try to make something nearly identical to someone else’s game. It’s your creation; give it the love it deserves.


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