Horror-FAIL Friday: Bad Titles

Killdozer - © Universal TV

So, you’ve crafted a horror novel, or filmed your movie, or made your horror game. Now all you need is something to call it. I’ve always felt that picking a title for a book, film, song, or movie is a very unique and wonderful moment. I like the idea of coming up with the right combination of words, or just a simple composition that ultimately leaves people interested in wanting to learn more about the piece. I do, however, know that there is also a wrong way to go about this.  Take the film above for instance. “Kill-Dozer”? Seriously? It’s like a bad incarnation of “Christine”. A bulldozer isn’t that intimidating when you think about it. It’s slow, big, and really only frightening if you happen to find yourself on a construction site in one’s path. And the thought of a possessed bulldozer makes me wonder what the filmmakers were smoking when they came up with the concept for this one. It’s certainly not the worst though…

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