Horror-FAIL Friday: Plot Holes and Jeff the Killer

So…I’m just going to come out and say it: I’m not a fan of any Jeff the Killer-themed stories to begin with. The original creepypasta story tells of a man with “dark” and “ominous” eyes with a “psychotic smile” and the kid that became him. This occurs through a series of ridiculous and overly violent circumstances involving a troupe of twelve year old bullies, a pointless birthday party, and spontaneous combustion. Let’s not forget the immediate and unnatural insanity that overtakes him, causing him to brutally kill almost everyone around him. The language of the story is mediocre at best and the ridiculous ending pretty much ensures that there’s no way I’d be losing any sleep after reading this. “Go to sleep”? Sure thing. See you in the morning.

Unfortunately, this story has launched hundreds of other stories and games featuring Jeff the Killer and his obnoxious clown-esque countenance. One of these games is called “Go to Sleep” and tells the story of Carolina the Detective (who dresses like a doll and even has a BONNET) who has a month (or so) to solve a case involving the murdering of various people. She decides to head into a phantom building on her own to capture the killer, despite knowing that many other detectives have died in this building.

Plot holes abound. The character has willingly locked herself inside of a mansion where loads of people have died, went there on her own even after she stated she thought others should join her. Here, we descend into a quasi-magical world where Caroline becomes a strange white witch in her quest to find and reach Jeff the Killer’s heart. Ugh.

Someone clearly went to the trouble to make this game fun and interactive, while trying to piece together a semi-coherent story (based on someone else’s semi-coherent story) that could guide the player along. But, like with so many short horror games out there, the creator releases the product before it has been tested, spelling has been corrected, and plot holes have been filled. In the case of this game, it ended up being so bad that it was surprisingly funny and entertaining to watch because of the naivete. So, why are these games and stories so popular in spite of their mediocrity?

Watch Youtube let’s player HarshlyCritical tackle “Go to Sleep” in this hilarious one-shot. Enjoy!



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