Frankenswine: Literary Cooking Adventure


While stumbling across the internet as I often do in search of new and wonderful recipes, I happened upon one for some delicious sweet potato, bacon turkey burgers. I mean…how have I been existing without such a marvelous concoction as this in my diet? There’s bacon IN the burger! I had to give it a try.

The fusion of sweet potato, turkey, and bacon made me think of some kind of mad scientist tossing things together in a laboratory in order to understand the complexities between life or death. And so, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein popped into my head. Donning a set of ski goggles (because that was all I had that was close to safety goggles), I dove into the kitchen to put together my creation and mix together something that would hopefully satisfy the emptiness in my stomach. And I succeeded.

Despite the numerous attempts to thwart my efforts by demonic potato skins, unbreakable packaging, and even a death-defying encounter with a paper towel roll, I somehow succeeded and brought forth a new kind of life, a turkey burger of hope and wonder.


1 clove of garlic, chopped finely

1 cup shredded sweet potato

5 pieces of pre-cooked bacon (torn into small pieces)

1 lb. ground turkey

salt and pepper to taste


Combine ingredients in a large bowl, mixing sweet potato, bacon, and turkey together. Add salt and pepper in amount preferred.

Heat skillet with olive oil and garlic. Let the garlic brown.

Make patties with ground mixture and add to skillet. Ensure they are thoroughly cooked by cutting into the middles to check.

Throw them on a bun with lettuce and tomato and BOOM! Something magical awaits you!

Enjoy and stay tuned for the next Literary Cooking Adventure!



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