Inspiration Through Music: The Legend of Dragoon Soundtrack

I made a list not too long ago of my top ten video game soundtracks. I missed one. I missed a major one. I was so busy concentrating on newer games that I forgot one of my absolute favorites from my childhood. Legend of Dragoon is a brilliant RPG in a similar vein as Final Fantasy that revolves around a war between humans, a race called the Winglies, and, well, dragons. Think Game of Thrones: Young Adult edition. Though the game did deal with some pretty dark material here and there, it fast became a cult favorite for thousands. Its characters, story, and music have stayed with me for years. Occasionally, I’ll break it out and play it on the PS3 just to relive the adventures of Dart, Shana, Albert, Rose and the others.

The soundtrack for the game is composed by Dennis Martin and Takao Miratsu. It alternates between haunting piano ballads, battle music, perky character themes, and lots of dark, eerie, and atmospheric tones to place the setting. There are several that I’ve fallen in love with, that I have listened to while working on old projects and new ones. As of late, I’ve gone back to the soundtrack to work on a couple of different writing projects including my apocalyptic book (which has a new title: The Wild Dark), and an idea I’ve had kicking around in the back of my head for a few years that deals with telepathy. Today, I’m going to list a few different songs from the LOD soundtrack for you to enjoy. Instead of sharing what I see, which is what I normally do, I’m inviting you to comment and tell me what it is you see when you listen to any of these pieces. This can also serve as a good writing/inspiration exercise if you’re stuck on a current project. Leave a comment and tell me! At the end of the week, I’ll update the post to include brief descriptions of what I see. Enjoy!

Hoax Village

Forbidden Land

Valley of Corrupted Gravity

Imperial Capital Kazas

Royal Capital

Ruined Celes

 Stay tuned for an update to this post on Friday!



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