The Frost World Jurassic Park Literary Cooking Adventure

Welcome to the Frost World of Jurassic Park! That’s right; this week in celebration of the release of Jurassic World, I decided to do a Jurassic Park themed Cooking Adventure. Michael Crichton is my favorite author and his books are some of the ones that inspired me to start writing in the action/adventure genre.

I read Jurassic Park when I was in middle school and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. I was a voracious reader and powered through the book (as well as the sequel The Lost World) in a week or so. The story follows various characters as they are introduced to the idea of a theme park featuring genetically recreated dinosaurs and what happens when things go wrong. One of the things that I really took with me was the changing of point-of-view from character to character. This gives a well-rounded view of everything that is going on in the story, everyone’s different reactions and perspectives, their panic, and their thoughts. I especially love the characters; Ian Malcolm and Muldoon being my two favorites. (P.S. Muldoon doesn’t die in the book! Why did he have to die in the film?!)

I’m looking forward to re-reading these books (10 years after I first read them) and hope to enjoy every moment just as I did before. But enough about the books. Onto the Cooking Adventure at hand…

In this episode, I desperately tried to create some White Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes, found at Baked in AZ, although it isn’t without a few hiccups. Egg whites that refuse to whisk, obstinate frosting, and much more await you. There’s even a sneak peek at the dinosaur hybrid known as RaptorCat as he chases after a particularly succulent toy mouse. All in all, I wasn’t really impressed with this recipe, probably because of my inability to whisk the egg whites. It didn’t seem to be as light and fluffy as they should have been. Not to mention, I ran out of frosting toward the end (as well as daylight) and was unable to show the finished product, which was garnished with a blueberry and a dash of nutmeg.

I was also on a time-limit that day as I had tried to film two cooking adventures (which explains why my outfit changes part of the way through the video!) I know, I know…consistency… I would love to do another Jurassic Park themed Cooking Adventure only so that I can pay the proper attention to the recipe and have more time to take care with the editing and filming of the adventure.

Enjoy and stay tuned for the next Cooking Adventure!



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