Horror-FAIL Saturday: The Kind of FAIL Where You Laugh Until You Cry

[Click on the photo above to watch HarshlyCritical’s playthrough]

Jeff the Killer strikes again. And this time, it may kill you…with laughter.

HarshlyCritical recently played a short, very incomplete, nonsensical indie game simply entitled “Jeff”. Surrounded by stock environments, he sets out as a weird businessman character, who has just bought a new house, apparently the same house where Jeff the Killer murdered everyone according to Creepypasta lore. The house has some of the ugliest wallpaper known to man, is missing its ceiling in several rooms (allowing the character to warp through it to get from one floor to the next), while its doors are the size of bulldozers and don’t actually touch the walls. Inside, while exploring, HC encounters Jeff, who is often purported to be totally insane, for lack of a better description, This is due to some childhood bullying and then a random decision to execute his own family members because his “insanity is over everything”.

The story differs a little in this game, introducing the strangest character I’ve ever seen; Ed, a bald practically albino man dressed in a monk’s cloak who speaks with an accent that is part Billy Ray Cyrus and part Max Von Sydow. While the protagonist and this Southern brother of peace begin a conversation, it slowly turns into one of the most confusing and funniest things I’ve ever seen in a game. And that’s when we absolutely lose it. The combination of lazy environments, horrible plot, bad voice-acting, and ridiculous game mechanics is too much for a sane person to handle. Even HC breaks down, which means this really is a game for the ages.

Check out his further adventures with MrKravin as they play the multiplayer version.

Until next time…