Inspiration Through Music: Blackmill

Music can rejuvenate. When you are feeling at your most tired, lonely, or sad, it can have the power to bring you back out of it, to lift you back on your feet and push you forward. As it has been raining a ridiculous amount this past week, I’ve fallen into that funk that affects you when you haven’t seen the sun in a while. I haven’t wanted to write or really work on anything. And now that the sun is out, I’m finding it very hard to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Thankfully, I’ve found a musical artist who can infuse me with that much needed dose of “You’re a bad ass. You can do this and then, have your fun.” That’s right. That musical remedy is none other than Blackmill, aka Robert J. Card.

Card is a twenty-something musician from the UK who has been producing music since he got an acoustic guitar for his eighth birthday–according to Blackmill’s official Facebook page. Blackmill is a more recent project of his, a blissful combination of dubstep and dance swirled with calm and speckled with house beats. I’m not entirely sure when I heard Blackmill for the first time, but I know it was while working on my latest book, “Memento Mori” and that the song “Evil Beauty” has been a major inspiration in that and other projects. There is just something about those melodic beats that makes it easier to concentrate, to push aside distractions both mental and physical (I’m looking at you, dirty dishes!) and sink into a story. Today, I’ll be sharing a couple of Blackmill’s tunes with you and describing what I see when I listen to them. Enjoy!

Evil Beauty: The sun filters through yellow leaves. The road is a grey blur in your rearview mirror as you cruise along the smooth pavement. The air is warm and pushes your hair around, down into your eyes. Twirling vortex of shining strands caught in the light. The road is endless and the diversions numerous. There is nowhere you need to be and nothing on your schedule. Exploring these often forgotten roads promises an adventure, a new destination, and a story to tell.

Oh Miah: Cold and grey city streets, interspersed by the drops of rhythmic rain. Cars blaze through it. The neon signs splash hazy colors in the puddles and pools and the clouds above twist and tumble. It’s so easy to get lost in the sound of thunder, in the white noise of rain as it slaps concrete and asphalt, as it plinks against cars and pangs against tin roofs, and pops along a passage of technicolor umbrellas. My breath leaves me and is renewed, my legs charged and arms swinging. Running in the storm is the only calm in an ocean of turbulent thoughts, my own escape from everything waiting at home. It can all wait. I need this energy and this exhilaration, if only for a little longer.

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 Stay tuned for next week!



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