New England Authors Expo 2015 Recap


Just a short and sweet post about my latest appearance at the New England Authors Expo. The Expo happens annually at the Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers, MA. I attended last year and had a very fun time meeting other writers in my genre (as well as others) and exploring the town (and sometimes confusing roads) of Danvers. This year, the venue was a little different. There was a separate room set up as a sort of mini Comic-Con for horror, fantasy, and sci-fi authors to set up while the Ballroom upstairs was reserved for all other genres. While I managed to have a good afternoon and sold double of what I sold last year, the change in the venue and a little confusion about where the Garden Terrace was made it a little harder for patrons to find us. Be that as it may, the people I talked to were lots of fun and once again, I managed to meet several new faces and hopefully new friends in the New England writing world.

I’d made up some special promotional items for the giveaway, some of which were popular, some of which were not, and some of which I’d forgotten to bring completely. I made up some special bookmarks for the Monstrum Chronicles, one for each book and each one featuring the silhouette of a monster on it along with a quote from the book. The most popular of the three was the one for my latest book, “Memento Mori: Book 3”. It featured a rhino, which to most, might seem cute. Trust me; read the book and you’ll think very differently. You’ll also probably attain a fear for taxidermy…


I had also made some recipe cards for my comedy “Night Time, Dotted Line” featuring one of the character’s homemade recipes for a Brown Sugar Walnut syrup. I only gave one away with a purchased book but I was happy nonetheless. The special Torrent Tea tins that I’d meant to bring from Adagio Tea were unfortunately left at home. The last item which took me a really long time to make was a bloodline tree for the Citius Bloodline, which features prominently in the Monstrum Chronicles. I didn’t give any out. I’m thinking about making it available online at the website. Stay tuned in the next few weeks…

After an evening of feeling like a celebrity, my friend and I got some Thai food from the wonderful Sawasdee in town and drove back to the hotel. And that, my friends, is where the real life horror began. After finding a spot and grabbing some things to bring in, I discovered, to my terror, that a bus full of children was disembarking at the hotel and gathering en masse in front. There were dozens of them, upon dozens of them. I tried to come up with an explanation for why, on a Wednesday evening, there were so many of them (and so very few adults with them). The only thing that seemed reasonable was a camp of sorts. So my desire to enjoy the pool peacefully that evening into the late hours wasn’t meant to be. It’s also vaguely petrifying when the elevator door opens and a flood of kids descend upon you like a tidal wave.

Driving the roads of Danvers had been a little hectic and this year (along with driving around Salem) was marginally better. I finally got a smart phone with GPS, a perky voice my friend and I dubbed “Sam-Sam” (for the Samsung phone). While she has an obstinate streak, she did a great job of not irrevocably screwing us over and having us drive into the water, or into a driveway, or a hole dug in the road for construction.

Forgetting my episode at the hotel and the several in the car with Sam-Sam, I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the New England Authors Expo and will certainly be going again next year!



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