Horror-FAIL Friday: My OLD Writing – Station Twelve Part 3

old writing

Horror-FAIL Friday’s My OLD Writing blog is a series which introduces stories I wrote when I was younger accompanied by realizations, comments, and general WTF observations that occur to me while I read these. Some of these stories I haven’t read in over ten years. The comments are provided in brackets within the text. I’ve also kept bad spelling and other grammatical errors so you have the full effect of how awful it was.

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted anything on the Horror-FAIL Friday blog, so I wanted to get back into it this evening. We’ll be continuing with this awful story that I wrote in 7th grade about Jay, the secret agent, who is attempting to enjoy a skiing vacation in Vermont. Too bad Jay is having nightmares about somersaulting down the mountain like a total noob. He also brought along his gal pal, Alice, who seems to be way too enthusiastic about the whole affair. I’m also not entirely sure she knows he’s a secret agent. Let’s continue to follow their pathetic story, shall we?

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