Inspiration Through Music: Lisa: The Painful RPG

LISA Soundtrack cover art

Some of you probably caught my Horror-FAVE Friday blog featuring Lisa: The Painful RPG and all the things about it that make it an outstanding game. I briefly touched on the music composed by the game’s creator, Austin Jorgensen, or as he prefers to call himself, Widdly 2 Diddly. There is a very eclectic mix of tunes in Lisa that call for more atmospheric, scene-setting pieces, as well as outright pumped up beats. Since the game contains a lot of RPG battles, there’s a fair amount of dubstep, hiphoppy, rap, and rock type pieces and even some that are a bit more undefinable. The premise of the game revolves around Brad, who is living in a post-apocalyptic land called Olathe with some of his childhood friends. All of the women and children of the world have vanished in something known as the Flash. Brad happens upon a baby girl who he names Buddy and takes it upon himself to raise her and protect her. When she’s taken from him, he vows to get her back using any means necessary. Thus begins his humorous, depressing, hopeful, and often depraved journey.

What’s really great about a multi-faceted soundtrack such as the one in Lisa: The Painful RPG is that there are several different moods, settings, and characters that can be explored and introduced based on the music that’s playing. Lisa, as a story, is well-developed, and makes you feel both elated and miserable by the things that Brad goes through. The music compliments this story well and, although it is quirky, it all works very well together.

Today, I’m choosing a number of songs from the official Lisa soundtrack to share with you and have provided brief descriptions of what I see while listening to them. You can do the same and let your inspiration come through. It might take you somewhere you’ve never thought you’d go!

War Season

Ants marching. Lines gathering and combining, pouring down hills like black water. Rhythm and instinct driving them forward, the hunt and the desire for food. One designation, one purpose unifying them and urging them on.

Summer Love

The car zooms along the empty coastal highway. Any other night with the sun setting into the purple sea in the orange sky, it would have been spectacular. She would have felt relaxed, would have sunk further into her seat and breathed in the salty air. She’d have turned to look at him, maybe even run her fingers through his hair. This, though, was not one of those days.


The old house wasn’t as he’d remembered. It was if someone had reached into his memory and raked it with their fingernails, scratching the things he recognized until they fell apart. The darkened windows had never shown scenes of joy or family, but at least there had been something. Now, there was nothing. As much as he wanted to get closer and look inside, his feet rooted him in place. The vegetation grown up and over the shack made the event a reality. It made him take stock of everything he’d witness up until now. As much as he’d wanted to believe it was all just an out of control nightmare, it wasn’t. He couldn’t wake up from this.

Tall Grass Tussle

Launching into the grass, blades snapping across its lithe form. Claws snagged earth and kicked it up, propelled by toned muscles and a desire to chase, to win. Zig-zagging, eyes pinpointed on the dodging shape just a little further ahead. Closer and closer, the heat growing beneath the fur and the wind rushing in its ears.

Want to buy the Lisa soundtrack for yourself? Check out the official site here!

Want to check out a playthrough of the game? Here’s HarshlyCritical’s playthrough!

Hell, want the game for yourself? Check it out on Steam here! (It’s only $10!)



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