Inspiration Through Music: Undertale Soundtrack

Undertale was something that honestly passed me by at first. I missed the initial hype about this game. I am so, so glad that I didn’t let it slip by completely. Undertale tells the story of a human falling down a hole into another realm ruled by monsters. After a feud several years prior, monsters were banished underground by humans and have been searching for a way to pass through the barrier. The human naturally also wants to find a way through it to get back home and so embarks on a journey to get there, encountering oodles of odd characters along the way.

Undertale is one of those rare games that manages to include wit, charm, and some sadness into its story and do it magnificently. There were times where I found myself laughing out loud at some of its characters’ antics, my personal favorite, of course, being Papyrus. The music is a fusion of fun and funky beats with some more somber curious sounding tunes. There’s an incredibly diverse mix of things to be found on the Undertale Soundtrack, composed by Toby Fox. I’ve had one of the songs (Heartache) stuck in my head for the last couple of days because it’s so catchy, which can be said about a number of pieces on this soundtrack.

For today’s writing prompt, I’ll be listing 5 songs from the soundtrack and what I think of when I listen to them. Enjoy!

Ruins: There was something down there in that room her parent’s kept locked up. She’d always bypassed it for years, assuming there was no way inside, that her mom had dropped the key down a crack in the floorboards or her dad had broken it in the lock by mistake. It wasn’t the truth though. She could tell just by how they looked at her when she asked about it. What could possibly be inside that they didn’t want her knowing about? She crept down the stairs toward the door. They were gone for the day. Now was her chance.

Heartache:  She ran down the alley, rain blinding her and chilling her. They were right behind her and she dared not look to see how close they were. It was darker here and more obstacles blocked her way. She had a chance to hide and change. She had a chance to send them running back the other way. But there was also a chance someone innocent might see, someone might get in the way. She couldn’t risk it. She was vulnerable as she was without that power…

Bonetrousle:  This was the strangest restaurant she’d ever been to. The chandeliers looked as if they were constructed from bones, some tiny and delicate, others large and human-like. The walls had colorful paint splashed paintings every few steps and the rug was a plush purple nightmare. This was where he’d wanted her to meet him. As she moved on, she only hoped he wasn’t going to pop out in a clown mask or something as ridiculous as this place was.

Premonition:  Finally. The crack in the door… She carefully peered in, too afraid to open it fully, not wanting to ruin her surprise if it turned out to be nothing at all. But there was something. Stairs. There was a staircase leading down into darkness.

Another Medium:  She took each step as if it would be her last. She didn’t have anything for protection. She had no idea what she’d find down there. But something compelled her, pulled at her insides. There was something down there for her, and only her to find. She knew that whatever it was, it had the potential to change things. She wanted that. She was tired of everything being the same.

Like the Undertale Soundtrack? LOVE the Undertale Soundtrack? Hop over to Toby Fox’s Bandcamp page where you can download the entire thing (or any songs you want)!

Stay tuned for the next Inspiration Through Music!



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