Hello 2016! January Update!


That’s right. We’re looking at you…

HAPPY NEW YEAR (a bit late) and welcome to the Monstrum Chronicles blog! Here’s hoping you all had a fun and festive holiday season and a wonderful start to the new year. 2016 promises to be an exciting year! I’m looking forward to making a few changes in my writing career as well as here at the blog and in my personal life as well.

First off, I would honestly like to be able to attend a few more shows this year in lieu of the fact that they are the best way to get my books into reader’s hands. 2nd, I’d like to focus on trying to market my books to a few more brick and mortar businesses here in Maine. I’ve been a salesperson for several years and yet it’s always so much harder when you are trying to sell something you’ve created yourself. This fear has made it difficult for me to take those steps forward. Not this year though. I’m going to give it my all here.

Read on to find out what 2016 has in store for the Monstrum Chronicles blog!

Bi-Weekly Posts

One of the problems that plagued me during the last half of 2015 was not having enough time to post a weekly blog post. I just couldn’t get out an Inspiration for Music every Monday or a Cooking Adventure every Thursday. This year, I’ll be trading off different kinds of posts each week so that there’s always something to look forward to, but it won’t necessarily be the same type of content every week. It gives me more time to write and market and do other things.

Music Mondays

Inspiration Through Music

Inspiration Through Music is still going to be a large part of The Monstrum Chronicles blog because music is a very important part of my writing process. I’ll be posting every other Monday about different soundtracks that I’ve enjoyed, individual songs, or any particular music news that I’m excited about and inspired by.

Monstrum Mondays

Torrent's Tea Blend Label

An alternative to Music Mondays are Mondays where I’ll share a little bit more about the world of The Monstrum Chronicles, the book series that I write. I’m thinking that I might do an entry about some of the various monstrum that inhabit the Erebus or the Material realm in the books, but it can also be a discussion day about other elements in the book series. I’m still thinking this one through and it probably won’t occur as often as Music Mondays.

Writer-Thought Thursdays

Writer- Thought Thursdays will alternate with Cooking Adventures. They are blog posts about observations during the writing process, the creative, editing, or marketing processes of turning something from my imagination into a reality. They may be as long as several paragraphs or as short as a quote that I want to share.

Cooking Adventures


Undoubtedly one of the main draws of the Monstrum Chronicles blog is the Cooking Adventures portion. Last year, I did several literary-themed video cooking adventures which, while fun, took A LOT of time to film, cook, and upload. I did at least two a month and that was too much to try and squeeze in with everything else. This year, I’m going to return to straight blogging about my Cooking Adventures with a special video Cooking Adventure for events or holidays that I decide to do. Cooking Adventure blogs probably won’t begin until February.

Horror-FAVE Friday

Hubert The Hairy Ugg copy

I had a lot of fun doing Horror-FAIL Fridays until I actually ran out of material during the My OLD Writing segment. Okay, so I’m lying. I didn’t run out of material. There’s a lot. It’s just that I decided some of it, however horrible, I wasn’t comfortable with sharing. So, I’ve decided to focus on horror done right and continue forward with Horror-FAVE Fridays. Featured here will be horror games, films, and books that I enjoyed in that genre.

Lemon Jelly Cat-urday

Lemon Jelly kitty

A day where I’ll post a photo of my adorable cat, Lemon Jelly, complete with writing/daily advice. Lemon Jelly really has been a part of the blog behind the scenes for four years (and counting). It’s only fair if he gets a day every once in a while to shine.

Update Blogs/Vlogs


Occasionally, I’ll go to shows or on trips away from my humble abode only this time, I’d really like to take you guys with me! I’ll be bringing along the trusty (old) video camera in order to record some of what goes on in the life of a writer. I usually do an update every couple of months. This year, I’d like it to be once a month. This will also be an opportunity to inform you about upcoming events, giveaways, contests, and releases! So, make sure you check in the first (or 2nd) week of each month.

So many new things, right? Hopefully, everything will fall into a rhythm as I get further into the year. While I don’t expect to follow a rigorous schedule with posting, I hope to be able to provide you readers with new content and to keep you engaged and hopefully interact with you all a bit more.

Thanks to those of you who have joined and to those who have stayed for so long like unwanted house guests (just kidding).

Stay tuned! All kinds of cool stuff will be coming at you soon!

~KSilva (& Lemon Jelly)


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