Inspiration Through Music: Unravel Soundtrack

This week, I’ve fallen in love with a new and beautiful game called Unravel by Electronic Arts. In it, you play as a little anthropomorphic yarn boy named Yarny, who traverses a picturesque world of fond memories. There are lots of violent video games on the market right now, so it always makes me feel warm and tingly inside when I’m introduced to something that is based around a unique and more wonderful idea. The idea in Unravel? To reconnect, whether it be with the past, or with people you’ve lost touch with or with places you’ve begun to forget about. It’s a magical and refreshing experience, one that I haven’t felt since I first played Journey.

Unravel’s soundtrack is a collaboration by two Swedish musicians, Henrik Oja and Frida Johansson. The nostalgia present in each track, blended with the stunning visuals of the game makes one feel as though they are really running along the seaside, exploring mountains, and sailing through the treetops. Not only is it immersive, it also easily makes you feel lost inside each narrative that Yarny traverses. Today I’ll be sharing four songs from the unofficial Unravel soundtrack and writing what I see when I listen to them.

The Sea I:   The wind rushed through his hair from the open train window, the smell of salt a welcome taste on his tongue. It had been so long, so many years away from home. Air tasted different everywhere else, too briny, too wet, too heavy. The air had always been sweeter here, more pleasant and lighter. At last, he was free and it felt like his lungs could truly expand with the revelation.

Berry Mire III: She pushed the rusted gate, not believing for a moment that it would actually move. Who knew how long it had been out here. But move it did. In fact, it fell right off the hinges, plopping into the soft grass in front of her. She’d never been past this point. Her grandparent’s had told her never to wander further than the boundaries of their backyard. But it was open; it was open. She couldn’t not go. Something was meant to be explored out there. It was her chance.

Mountain Trek IV: He pushed through the woods, guided by his feet and hands, the darkness closing in around him. These were woods he’d known once in his youth, woods he’d chased his friends through. They were all but foreign now and he couldn’t find anything familiar in them no matter how hard he tried. They were as much his enemy as the people who were after him.

Down In A Hole IV: The further she descended, following the vines down, the more the light grew scarce, the more cold she began to feel. She’d left the glowing meadow behind, a place where she’d felt vaguely safe. Whatever lurked down here was probably not worth her time, it was probably down here for a reason. Maybe it was supposed to stay down here. Maybe it was too dangerous to leave the darkness. Or maybe, just maybe, it was something valuable, some treasure worthy of the person who uncovered it. There was only one way to find out.

EDIT: There used to be links above to the different songs. Unfortunately, said links are now no longer available. I’m sure that if EA made the Unravel Soundtrack available for download, there would be several people (myself included) who would purchase it in a heartbeat. Until then…we’ll just have to pine for it and people will have to imagine the music.

Feel like watching some clips of the game in action? Check out HarshlyCritical’s playthrough of Unravel here!

 Want to learn more about the game? Head on over to the official website!



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