That Time I Accidentally Stabbed My Hand While Chipping Stale Brownies Out Of A Baking Pan a.k.a. New Cooking Adventures


Don’t let the title fool you; this entry in itself is not a Cooking Adventure yet. But I have toyed with the possibility of bringing back video Cooking Adventures this year and the desire to do it is slowly overtaking me. One of the biggest reasons that I didn’t try to do them last year were because I was in the process of buying a new house and since I’ve moved into said house, I’ve been coming to grips with all of its various quirks. The kitchen is one of these.

It’s a beautiful kitchen. There are open beams, a large window overlooking the lawn, plenty of counter space, and lots of light and warmth…in the summer. In the winter, it has become the coldest room in the house due to a lack of insulation and the fact that it was an added room to the 1890 cape. So, in order to ensure that it’s warm enough for me to spend time in there, I’ve had to put up an insulated curtain over the big, light-bringing window and put on a space-heater. Filming in such a dark room isn’t very easy.

I went into the kitchen yesterday in hopes of reconnecting with my inner cook. It’s been some time since I’ve actually spent time in my kitchen. These last few months, I’ve been eating whatever was easiest to make, so that I’m not alone in the dark and cold kitchen. There is something about the energy of a space, tailoring it to just the right feeling that one should get when they spend time in it. While I’ve spent time adjusting the rest of the house, the kitchen is still a strange space for me. It’s not just the darkness and the frigid floor, it’s the corner of paint and dead plants in the old unused fireplace area, it’s the open woodstove pipe in the ceiling in that corner that breathes when air whistles through it, its the nether regions above the cabinets where spiders roam and I can’t reach…

But something happened a couple weekends ago. A friend and reader of the blog came in to the store where I work retail to buy some shoes and they told me that they missed my Cooking Adventure videos. They told me that they brought them joy watching them. The videos were my goofy side coming out and mixing with a love for cooking and literature and weren’t really made for anyone other than myself. The ingredients in those various adventures cost a lot of money, and it would take me a day or more to film and edit each video. I didn’t get very many comments or likes when I posted them and that sort of reaffirmed that it would be a one year affair. But I also enjoyed doing them. They made me forget about other things going on in my life, things that consumed me and I needed a break from. This was a way of getting that break without having to leave my apartment.

So, yesterday, I went into the kitchen determined to make various things in hopes of relaxing and winning back some desire to film further Cooking Adventures. I made sausage and potato frittata, chocolate truffles rolled in cocoa and powdered sugar, banana nut muffins, and bacon burgers…

And in tradition with past cooking adventures, I also managed to stab myself in the hand with a knife as I chipped stale brownies out of my stoneware baking pan.

Nothing has changed, clearly.

But, I think yesterday’s experiment did the trick. I think, Cooking Adventures will be back. Give it a few weeks as I’m completely broke and have no money for ingredients…but it will happen.


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